Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Excommunication of Rand Paul

After convincingly trouncing the establishment anointed crash test dummy in the Kentucky Senate GOP primary, Rand Paul ran into the screeching buzzsaw of the national press corps after his refusal to genuflect before the altar erected by the architects of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

On the Rachel Maddow Show (what was he doing there?) Dr. Paul was interrogated for twenty minutes about his thoughts regarding the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the role of the federal government in protecting victims of discrimination. If you watch the interview, Dr. Paul handles the questions quite well by avoiding easy yes/no answers and laying out reasonable practical and ethical concerns associated with the state’s blurring of public and private property.

Nevertheless, in spite of his reasoned arguments and classy, soft-spoken demeanor he is being flayed mercilessly by braying banshees at the Louisville Courier Journal, lesbian talk-show hosts and in the press at large. Why the hysterical reaction of race-obsessed liberals and their neo-con water carriers?

The problem is that Dr. Paul, and the movement he represents, is uttering ideas that our secularized, pagan elites equate with heresy. Because the chattering classes among the journalistic and intellectual classes have rejected Christianity, they subscribe to another religion, the faith of Secular Humanism (SH). Moreover, they see themselves as prophets, calling down the judgement of their loving, compassionate and non-discriminatory “god”, i.e., the state. Their ideology, ostensibly a defense of individualism and free inquiry, has instead devolved, after a long flirtation, to statism. As Rushdoony wrote, "Man needs a source of certainty and an agency of control: if he denies this function to God, he will ascribe it to man and to a man-made order."

One tool wielded by this idolatrous state is the language of compassion, which is bandied about in pursuit of messianic aims. Not only does this God State seek to provide cradle to grave healing and security, through nationalized healthcare and wealth redistribution schemes, but it seeks out the “helpless” and “harassed” masses, sheep looking for a savior.

The rise of the messianic, imperial state has been ongoing for several centuries, connected to the ascendancy of SH ideology. The statism of American elites is little more than the inversion of religion and hence hostile to Christianity. The religion of SH is a dying faith. It is in a terminal condition collapsing under the weight of its presuppositions. Drowning in debt, bleeding from imperial overreach, and unable to keep the promises it has so promiscuously made, it is merely a matter of time before the ticking bomb explodes. The loss of faith in secular premises and institutions will ultimately lead to a lack of faith in statist, i.e. political, solutions and bring about a reconfiguration of the state.

Rand Paul is a harbinger of that collapse. As a result, a determined effort will be made by political, intellectual and media elites to discredit him and his movement. What is being attempted is an excommunication.

We’ve seen this before. I’ve written about the attacks on Pat Buchanan more than a decade ago. But times have changed. The new media (blogs, social networking, You Tube, etc.) may make it possible to fight back against the press corps and the apparatus of cultural dissemination. Do the elites still have the capacity to establish the parameters of “legitimate” debate, or are those chinks I see in the armor?