Saturday, January 09, 2010

Why They Hate Us

Is it because they "hate freedom"? Pat Buchanan answers provocatively:

On Sept. 11, they were over here—because we are over there...Americans are being killed for the reasons Osama said we should be killed—not because of who we are, but because of where we are and what we do...The Muslims stayed out of our Thirty Years’ War. Perhaps we would do well to get out of theirs. But as long as we take sides in their wars, those we fight and kill over there will come to kill us over here.This is payback for our intervention. This is the price of empire. This is the cost of the long war.

Similarly, Glenn Greenwald points out that our policy might have something to do with it:
It's truly astounding to watch us -- for a full decade -- send fighter jets and drones and bombs and invading forces and teams of torturers and kidnappers to that part of the world, or, as we were doing long before 9/11, to overthrow their governments, prop up their dictators, occupy what they perceive as holy land with our foreign troops, and arm Israel to the teeth, and then act surprised and confused when some of them want to attack us. In general, the U.S. only attacks countries with no capabilities to attack us back in the "homeland" -- at least not with conventional forces. As a result, we have come to believe that any forms of violence we perpetrate on them over there is justifiable and natural, but the Laws of Humanity are instantly breached in the most egregious ways whenever they bring violence back to the U.S., aimed at Americans. It's just impossible to listen to discussions grounded in this warped mentality without being astounded at how irrational it is. What do Americans think is going to happen if we continue to engage in this conduct, in this always-widening "war"?
Stephen Walt thinks it might have something to do with the countless deaths inflicted upon Muslim peoples. Using relatively low estimates, Walt calculates that 288,000 Muslims have been killed by Americans since 1990.

Meanwhile, a man elected to end the warmongering of the previous administration has doubled the contingent in Afghanistan, and is asking for a $740 billion military budget. Ah, change you can believe in.


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