Sunday, November 30, 2008


The pastor who is credited with helping get under God into the pledge of allegiance has died. One wonders if we can get rid of it now.

According to this at MSNBC just the appearance of the Obama marriage may restore the Black family. Nothing like a little drivel as the world comes to an end.

Want to know what the Christian life looks like? Listen to this and this by my wonderful pastor, Ryan Fullerton.

The Obama administration is starting to look a bit like Bill Clinton's third term. When the likes of Max Boot and Mona Charen are happy with the foreign policy selections you know it can't be too great. Heck even Rush is happy.

Sigh. The editors of Reason are heralding the "Libertarian Moment":

We are in fact living at the cusp of what should be called the Libertarian Moment, the dawning not of some fabled, clichéd, and loosey-goosey Age of Aquarius but a time of increasingly hyper-individualized, hyper-expanded choice over every aspect of our lives, from 401(k)s to hot and cold running coffee drinks, from life-saving pharmaceuticals to online dating services. This is now a world where it’s more possible than ever to live your life on your own terms; it’s an early rough draft version of the libertarian philosopher Robert Nozick’s glimmering “utopia of utopias.” Due to exponential advances in technology, broad-based increases in wealth, the ongoing networking of the world via trade and culture, and the decline of both state and private institutions of repression, never before has it been easier for more individuals to chart their own course and steer their lives by the stars as they see the sky. If you don’t believe it, ask your gay friends, or simply look who’s running for the White House in 2008.

I actually used to subscribe to Reason during the editorial stint of Virginia Postrel but was always annoyed by the juvenile triumphalism present. Yes, Messrs. Gillespie and Welch are right that it is now easier to get an abortion and a divorce, not to mention practice sodomy free from social or legal censure. And it is true that I can find 300 different varieties of toothpaste at the local mega-mart. God bless the market and "freedom". This garbage makes me long for the principled and prudent anarchism of Murray Rothbard. But Murray isn't acceptable to what he called the "druggie, grifter and low-life" strata of libertarianism. The Reasonites want to see marriage tossed into the dustbin, along with the nation-state and any conception of traditional morality that circumscribes individual liberty. The road to hell is paved with such. Regrettably so is the path to statism. For if all mediating institutions are destroyed than only the state remains to rule over rootless, deracinated individuals. It is also a fact that the sexual liberation extolled by Gillespie leads to tyranny because guilty men are more easily ruled. Moreover a society that permits youth to be "sexually free" inevitably produces a primitive culture as J.D. Unwin showed in his study Sex and Culture. Unwin found that those cultures where virginity prior to marriage and chastity after are the norm produce high levels of intelligence, culture and science. "In human records there is no case of an absolutely monogamous society failing to display great energy."


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