Friday, October 03, 2008

DeMar, Rauch and Voting Third Party

American Vision has recently posted brief essays by the estimable Gary DeMar and Eric Rauch pleading for “sanity” and griping about the “malcontents” occupying the asylum who refuse to bend the knee to Senor McCain and the GOP.

So what exactly has the GOP done to earn our trust, votes and cash?

Let’s look first at the courts. We’re always sold the snake oil that voting for a Republican president is necessary to protect the courts from being overrun by godless, secular humanist libs. But since 1968, GOP presidents have nominated 12 of 14 Supreme Court justices and Republican appointees now control 75% of federal appellate jurisdictions. Since 1968 abortion restrictions and sodomy laws have been struck down, affirmative action programs have expanded, states have been prohibited from executing kiddie rapists, and the courts have blessed the theft of private property via eminent domain, to name just a few of the more egregious dictates of our “justice system.”

The Roe decision which enshrined in constitutional law the right to murder unborn children was supported by justices Blackmun, Burger, Brennan, Powell and Stewart—all nominated by Republican presidents.

Pennsylvania's minor abortion restrictions were struck down by SCOTUS in Casey v. Planned Parenthood with the assent of justices O’Connor, Souter, Stevens and Blackmun while Lawrence v. Texas, which struck down sodomy laws, was endorsed by Kennedy, Stevens, Souter, and O’Connor. Again, all were nominated by Republicans.

Moreover federal funding of Planned Parenthood through the egregious Title X has expanded continuously under Republican misrule (click graphs below).

Title X Funding History – FY 1971 – 2004:

Moving on to the question of fiscal responsibility and economic stewardship, one must ask with a Republican administration nationalizing the mortgage industry and buying up parts of companies (an economic doctrine formerly known as fascism) whether the GOP complaint about "big spending liberals" should be greeted with anything other than hoots and guffaws.

In 2000, for example, Bill Clinton presided over a $238 billion surplus. By 2004 outlays outstripped revenues by $413 billion according to the Congressional Budget Office. Fiscal restraint, however, as never been a GOP specialty, as you can see (click graph).

Republican worship of the free-trade idol has also created problems. As the trade deficit explodes and our currency collapses the wages of Americans are lower than thirty years ago and we increasingly take on the export profile of a Third World country. We are increasingly dependent on foreign goods for the necessities of life and on foreign banks to pay for them. The chickens are coming home to roost (click graph).

Republicans and conservatives are the alleged party of prudence and responsibility. They are supposedly the defenders of traditional values and the ethnic and religious core of the American nation. And yet they have proven themselves unwilling to fight the culture war. They have created program upon program to augment and enhance an already bloated State. They've stood by as unchecked immigration has begun to chip away at the etnocultural core of the nation. They have recited the catechism of "free markets" as the industrial base of America has rotted. They have engaged in an unprovoked and unnecessary war with a state that did not attack us and they have ceded unchecked authority to the executive branch.

Mr. Rauch says that those of us who would vote for Chuck Baldwin rather than the party with the record I've enumerated above are "humanists." But as I said back in 2004, if one is a Christian, constitutionalist conservative doesn’t it make sense to vote for a Christian, constitutionalist conservative? In 2008, that means casting a vote for Chuck Baldwin. Read the party platforms of the GOP, the Dems, and the Constitution Party and ask yourself a couple of questions:

1) Will you continue to vote for candidates who do nothing to stop the abortion holocaust?
2) Will you continue to vote for candidates that unconstitutionally drag the country into illegal and unwise foreign wars?
3) Will you continue to vote for candidates that fail to enforce immigration law?
4) Will you continue to vote for candidates who won’t fight the culture war?
5) Will you continue to vote for candidates who by their words and deeds deny the Lordship of Jesus and the efficacy of His Word?

Well, will you, Mr. Humanist?