Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Some Links

A very worthwhile read by Patrick Cockburn on the situation in Iraq. It turns out that the Shia won. Wow, what a shock! I've said repeatedly that the only possible outcomes of the Iraq war were utter chaos or a victory by the numerically superior Shia. Neither result is preferable to the status quo of 2002, or 1990 for that matter.

The "Damascus Road" conversion of...Joe Esterhas? Esterhas wrote soft porn "classics" like "Basic Instinct", "Sliver", and "Showgirls." He is now, apparently, a faithful Catholic and has written a new book entitled "Crossbearer: A Memoir of Faith."

Daniel Ritchie writes that "Two Kingdom" theology is not a Reformed doctrine. I've not read R. Scott Clark, but I have often read and listened to Mike Horton. Horton's thinking represents a Lutheranizing tendency and must be rejected. Christian activism and engagement, the spreading of the Kingdom in all spheres of life, is part of the task of the believer. We should be about the business of sanctifying all of life.

Is Sarah Palin a Buchananite?
Apparently she was also part of Buchanan's efforts in 1996 when he won the Alaska caucuses. Ron Paul supporters were also talking her up in 2007.

Charley Reese says goodbye to his readers. Thanks to the Internet, I've been reading Charley since 2000. He'll be missed.

There are three illegals in Los Angeles for every Republican. God Bless America!

Derb on the election from hell. "I don't want either of these men in charge of the federal government, neither the crazy old fool nor the simpering sophomore. I don't want either the moralistic imperialism of John McCain or the welfare-state-to-the world sentimentalism of Barack Obama."

More on the death of west. "Deaths are expected to outnumber births in the European Union from 2015 when migration will become the only source of population growth, according to an EU report released Tuesday."

The mainstream right always tries to turn the Dem nominee into the Boogeyman. Here is another try.



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