Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Margolis on the State Worship and WWII

I have yet to procure a copy of Pat Buchanan's book on Churchill, but I think Pat is absolutely right that the myths surrounding WWII continue to animate American expansionism.

In a wonderful column Eric Margolis remembers Alexander Solzhenitsyn and unmasks a few of the lies masquerading as truth:

History is the propaganda of the victors. Few photographs of the gulag have survived, evidence was destroyed, and witnesses have died. Churchill and Roosevelt could not admit they were allied to the greatest mass killer since Genghis Khan, and complicit in his crimes. Or reveal that Communist agents of influence had shaped White House policy. The feeble-minded Roosevelt even hailed Stalin as "Uncle Joe."

Revealing the truth about the Allies’ role in supporting Stalin and his crimes would undermine the whole bogus mythology of World War II that has become the state religion for the political right in North America, Britain and Australia.

Those who considered the Jewish Holocaust a unique historical crime were not eager to bring attention to Stalin’s genocide lest it diminish or dilute their own people’s suffering.


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