Sunday, June 29, 2008

Finally Back in the Saddle

I received an encouraging email from someone who read an essay I penned at nearly four years ago. The thrust of the email was gratitude that I had expressed such views and an encouragement to continue writing.

I've been away from the web generally of late dealing with more pressing concerns related to work, family, and church. That is as is should be. Whether helping to organize transitional activities at church, planning lessons from the New Testament, or picking school curriculum for my kids, I have better things to do than regurgitate the same laments about the various follies infecting public life. Likewise, some issues related to one of our sons has consumed not merely time but also our energy and spirit.

Nevertheless, I do enjoy writing. Not because I care who, if anyone, is reading but simply because it helps me to clarify my thoughts. My prayer is that I will be faithful in the small things--like blogging--but not consumed by them. Ultimately my calling means living a life before God that is empowered by the Spirit and aided by the sources of strength he provides. And in those roles, there is a hierarchy of obligation and duty.

So do check back from time to time. Give me about fifteen minutes though.


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