Sunday, May 25, 2008

Caesar's Children

Speaking to the dangers inherent in statist education, Voddie Baucham asks why we're surprised that after giving our children to Caesar they return to us as Romans. I've asked the same question:

Why are Christians so socially impotent? Why are we not light scattering the darkness? Why has the salt lost its savor? Why are we faithless in heeding Jesus’ command to occupy until He returns? I would argue that the Church has ceased to look at life in terms of the fullness of God’s Word. We have not made his Word central to our lives. Likewise, we have turned our children over to Molech. We give our children to covenant breakers and then are surprised when they don’t grow up to be covenant keepers. We’re shocked that our evangelism seems so lacking and our influence is so minute when we don’t even reach our own children with the Truth.


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