Friday, March 07, 2008

Immigration and "The Church" in Indiana

A group of "Protestant ministers" stepped up to the podium to oppose a bill in the Indiana legislature that would punish businesses and employers who are utilizing the services of illegals. One minister, Mark Powell, said "Christ is clear in the Gospel: Love your neighbor." Actually, Rev, what you are asking me to do is hate my flesh and blood, my two brothers, both real men who do real work and see themselves undercut by law-breakers.

The ministers were part of an organization called Disciples Justice Action Network, which describes itself as "a multi-racial, multi-ethnic grassroots network of individuals, congregations, and organizations within the Christian Church, all working together for greater justice, peace and diversity in our churches, our communities, our nations and the world. As an organization, they are committed to "social justice issues" (a misnomer if ever one existed) and are pro-choice and supportive of gay and lesbian rights.

Senator Mike Delph, the author of the immigration proposal, did not attend the news conference and issued a short statement: "Jesus obeyed the law."

Delph's simple eloquence in defense of law in the face of an antinomian onslaught by clergy preaching the heresy of unconditional love speaks volumes.


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