Monday, February 25, 2008

Sounds Like Paradise

The failure of the federal government to stop the pillaging of our southern border has pushed a number of states to take up legislation designed to punish employers and business interests that are savagely attacking the working class by exploiting cheap labor from Mexico.

Here in Indiana, Senator Mike Delph has proposed relatively modest legislation targeting employers who knowingly hire illegal immigrants while punishing those who harbor, transport or employ illegals.

Listen to Senator Delph here.

My local paper, the Louisville Courier-Journal, has consistently supported open borders, rhapsodizing about hard-working Latino immigrants who "do a lot of jobs that most native-born Americans don’t want to do" and "are enriching everything from our cuisine to our school curriculum." The primary editorial concern, given that they aren't tossed into dog-eat-dog competition for their daily bread, is having a plethora of ethnic eateries that David Hawpe and Betty Baye can frequent along Bardstown Road, our local hot spot.

Today in the CJ is an article prophesying doom, and an exodus of illegals from the Hoosier state, if Delph's legislation becomes law. Here is a blurb:

Thousands of illegal immigrants have fled the two states that have enacted tough new immigration laws similar to the one before the Indiana General Assembly.

Since passing their laws, Oklahoma and Arizona have seen declines in school enrollments, a scarcity of construction workers and the sudden emptying of rental homes and apartments.

Wow, ghastly huh? Natives doing construction work, and getting paid a decent amount to do so. Taxpayers freed from the burden paying for ESL classes for illegals. The apocalypse is upon us.


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