Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Christianity Goes South...and East

I was reading an essay by R. J. Rushdoony recently on the subject evangelism and dominion where he discussed his time as a missionary to the American Indians and the Chinese in San Francisco.

As a missionary, he noticed that Chinese culture was resistant to the claims of Christ’s lordship and dominion because of its radical relativism and absence of absolutes. Likewise, he argued that Marxism could serve as an instrument to purge Chinese relativism.

Writing in 1981, Rushdoony said:

We can thus say that, perhaps Marxism, in God’s providence, is God’s purgation of China’s ancient religious relativism. While Marxism is in essence also relativistic, in practice political communism is an absolutist faith and bitterly hostile to alien relativisms and absolutisms alike. Marxism could well be the prelude to the conversion of China. It will destroy the yang and yin and prepare the way for Christ, for truth.

Indeed, such a revival is breaking out in China. When Mao rode to power in 1949, there were less than 1 million Christians in China. Today there are 111 million and that number will grow to 218 million by 2050. There are 10,000 conversions a day.

East Asia Times columnist Spengler writes that Christianity has found a new fulcrum in Asia. "I suspect that even the most enthusiastic accounts err on the downside, and that Christianity will have become a Sino-centric religion two centuries from now," writes Spengler.

The expansion of Christianity into the global South, including areas where Catholicism has become dormant, is one of the unreported stories of our time. The coming collision with Islam is likely to be bloody and is surely inevitable. Let's hope that our Christian brothers in Asia, Africa, and Latin America have more courage than our European cousins such as Rowan Williams, who argues that Britain should adopt certain aspects of Sharia law. Williams says that Sharia is not an alien or rival system. This coment from the leader of Anglicans around the globe speaks volumes about the state of his "church."


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