Friday, January 25, 2008

Ron Paul and Abortion

I have met many devoted, humble brothers and sisters over the years laboring in the pro-life fields. I have also discovered that the leadership of the movement is overtly pragmatic and craven.

Witness the recent campaign where the National Right to Life Committee endorsed Fred Thompson, while ignoring a host of better "second tier" choices.

I also see that the folks at Baptist Press marked the 35th anniversary of Roe v. Wade by regurgitating portions of statements by candidates Clinton, Obama, Edwards, McCain, Huckabee, and Romney.

BP didn't see fit to mention Ron Paul, the only candidate to make an appearance at the March for the Life and the recipient of an endorsement by Jane Roe herself, Norma McCorvey.

Meanwhile, NRLC is very concerned to tell readers about the anti-abortion bonafides of 'Juno'. Typical.


Blogger Life is the new blog said...

Since when is pragmatism a bad thing? Furthermore, why would NRLC consider endorsing a candidate with one of the worst pro-life voting records? Is it because he's sucking up to them now? Maybe because he's less-than-second-tier and would hand Giuliani the nomination on a silver platter. It's a good thing Ron Paul's not afraid of being impractical so we all know what to avoid.

10:18 AM  
Blogger Darrell said...

What precisely has been the benefit of the “lesser of two evils” politics practiced by religious conservatives and pro-lifers? Well, it has joined them at the hip with the Republican Party. How has that marriage fared?

Since 1968, GOP presidents have nominated 12 of 14 Supreme Court justices and Republican appointees now control 75% of federal appellate jurisdictions, too. Since 1968 abortion and sodomy laws have been struck down, affirmative action programs have expanded and the courts have blessed the theft of private property via eminent domain, to name just a few of the more egregious dictates of our “justice system.”

After controlling the White House for 20 of 28 years, when Bush II leaves office we will have the largest, most intrusive, debt-ridden, fiscally irresponsible, un-Constitutional government in history.

On the abortion front, we are no closer to returning sanity to legal proscriptions against this barbarism than we were thirty years ago.

As for Paul, who other than bone-headed statists at the NRLC say his voting record is anything other than impeccable?

In 2005, Paul introduced legislation legislation that for federal purposes defined "human exist from conception." The bill, H.R. 776, would also have removed the Supreme Court's jurisdiction over abortion, nullifying the Roe v Wade decision, and pulled the plug on funding for abortion providers.

In short, he is the only one of the candidates seeking to get to the root of the problem, which is an out-of-control and frankly godless judiciary, whose tyranny needs to be reigned in.

Congress has the authority and capability by simple majority to limit the power of the courts. But doing something that "pragmatic" would take an issue, and money, away from profesional right-to-lifers.

3:17 PM  

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