Saturday, January 19, 2008

On Equality, Irresponsibility, and Statism

A few years ago, I wrote an essay on women in combat which was in reality a broadside against the ideology of egalitarianism. I wrote: "The elimination and obliteration of distinctions between the sexes is rooted in rebellion against God's order. Indeed, egalitarianism denies the very principle of order and attempts to arrange creation on its own terms. Equality thus becomes a philosophical and religious faith that demands the fidelity of every individual and institution."

There are many consequences to egalitarianism, including the progressive desexualization of our culture where distinctions between male and female are increasingly blurred.

But the doctrine of egalitarianism also fosters irresponsibility, out of which sprouts the menace of statism. Rushdoony writes:

"Equality" is the modern form of slavery, because it is an instrument whereby all institutions, families, and religious authorities are eroded and destroyed. The egalitarian state stresses destructive and erosive freedoms such as sexual license, abortion, homosexuality, euthanasia, drugs, and more as a means of eroding the positive social forces such as family and church. Such a state presents itself as the champion of liberty because it enhances individual irresponsibility, whereas true freedom means responsibility and accountability. It is the "insane" who are neither responsible nor predictable: their anarchic "freedom" is precisely their bondage.

Where radical individual "freedom" triumphs, irresponsibility reigns, and also the tyrant state. Tyrant states triumph in the name and under the banner of "Liberty, Fraternity, and Equality." The great crimes of the modern era have commonly been committed in the name of liberty.

An interesting point indeed. Egalitarianism flattens everything distinctive in its path, and necessarily attacks hierarchical institutions that offer authority and order. The resultant disorder breeds irresponsibility, and with all mediating institutions made impotent, only the state is left to pick up the pieces.


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