Saturday, January 19, 2008

Baskerville on Family Policy

Here is an article worthy of your attention on family policy by Steven Baskerville. Baskerville teaches at Patrick Henry College, which largely caters to homeschoolers. Hopefully, his students will imbibe from his deep knowledge.

Baskerville beats up on a favorite target of his, no-fault divorce, and shows how perverse incentives ginned up by the federal government have provided states with an incentive to generate fatherlessness.

In the comments section, a number of commenters laid the family crisis at the feet of the "corporatocracy". Evidently these fellows are conspiring in their tree houses to drive women into the workplace. Well, sure they are. But the problem is primarily religious, not economic.

We live in a covetous age. We want more: More money, more security, more education, more job opportunities, and more sex without consequences. We crave absolute autonomy. Marriage is no longer covenantal, it is contractual, and it can be revoked. Women demand their independence and "freedom" in the name of autonomy as much as economic necessity.

Feminism has liberated women from the "narrow" and "constricting" roles of wife and mother. Meanwhile, the siren song of the marketplace drowns out God’s command to be fruitful and multiply. In 1950, 88% of women with children under six stayed in the home. Today, 64% of American women with children under six are in the labor force.

In short, economic necessity and the machinations of the corporate elite are surely a factor in this discussion. But to be blunt, the failure to see marriage and family life in explicitly biblical terms is the bigger problem. In short, it's a sin problem, aided and abetted by elites in the business, political, cultural, and educational establishments.


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