Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Ron Paul News

Ron Paul's cash haul has finally gotten the attention of political elites. Here is Howard Kurtz:

Ron Paul just grabbed the media by the throat and got their attention with the only language they understand: money.

Until now, journalists have basically dismissed the Texas Republican congressman as a joke, a fringe candidate, a comic-relief figure with a whole lot of wacky views. He was entertaining at debates, good fodder for the occasional bemused feature, but otherwise seen as cluttering up the stage.

What reporters and pundits respect, though, is poll numbers and fundraising numbers. And while Paul is anemic on the first, he raised a staggering $4 million online Monday, shattering the previous GOP record.

The one-day total would be a coup for a front-runner, let alone an eccentric also-ran. So reporters across the country put aside their Hillary and Rudy pieces to ask the burning question: How on earth did he do that?

What no news organization will ask, of course, is: How on earth did we miss the significance of the Paul movement?

Dr. Paul even manages to merit somewhat positive reviews in the NY Times.

Chuck Baldwin offers a plea to pastors to give Ron Paul a look. He also touches on a fundamental confusion that haunts the Religious Right:

Where pastors often become confused about Ron Paul is that when he is resisting the unconstitutional centralization of our federal government, he is often perceived as being anti-family. Many in these pro-family movements themselves have been co-opted into believing that the solutions to our family problems come in the form of more unconstitutional federal legislation and programs. And when one does not agree with these unconstitutional remedies, they conclude that he or she is "anti-family." Such people mean well but are confused.

America would be much better off if we Christian pastors taught the need for Christ-honoring resistance--at the local level--to anti-family federal intrusions. We should call on our congregations to vote out of office any judge who passes rulings designed to pervert the Biblical family. That doesn't take a Constitutional amendment. It just takes courageous pastors and people who understand that judges, too, must respect the Constitution and our Christian heritage.

Dave Black with pro-Paul musings here, here, and here.

As a Christian, I continue to be disappointed that so few evangelical poohbahs are supporting Paul. (As an aside, this isn't true among rock-ribbed homeschoolers, who are supporting Paul in large numbers in spite of the machinations of the HSLDA). Now we have the spectacle of Bob Jones and Paul Weyrich supporting the snake-oil selling Mormon and Pat Robertson cozying up with the cross-dressing Rudy.


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