Saturday, November 24, 2007

Raimondo on Libertarians

Funny stuff from Justin Raimondo on Beltway libertarian consternation about Ron Paul:

Leave it to the rapidly ripening no-longer-quite-so-young-sters like Brink Lindsay, the Cato Institute’s resident warmonger, to rain on their antiwar parade:

"Though Paul defines himself as a libertarian and attributes the dedication of his young supporters to libertarian positions — such as allowing people to opt out of Social Security and Medicare — many libertarian pundits say Paul isn’t in sync with younger, more 'modern' libertarians.

"'He's sort of an old-style, old-right libertarian candidate,' explained Brink Lindsey, a scholar at the libertarian Cato Institute. Paul departs from younger libertarians with his opposition to abortion rights and free trade agreements, for example, Lindsey said."

What Lindsay, who enthusiastically supported the Iraq war, doesn’t say—or isn’t quoted as saying—is that he hates Paul’s old right and quintessentially libertarian opposition to our foreign policy of global interventionism. Senor Lindsay and his fellow "modern" libertarians have made their peace with the Empire. As long as they can take drugs, abort fetuses, and sodomize each other to their hearts' content, he and his Beltway buddies have no problem with the US rampaging over half the earth, regime-changing and taking out "rogue" states at will. As long as it’s a "free market" empire, they’re all in favor of it.


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