Friday, November 30, 2007

Problems With Rudy, Part I

Per my last post, and the subject of much commentary here, mass immigration is changing the character of the country because the numbers involved are so large. Most of the GOP presidential wannabes are now trying to sound like Tom Tancredo, but they are immithusiasts of one sort or another.

Below are a few quotes from Rudy Giuliani dredged up by David Brooks. Brooks, the "conservative" columnist at the NY Times, wants to hear more of this garbage from Rudy:

"I'm pleased to be with you this evening to talk about the anti-immigrant movement in America and why I believe this movement endangers the single most important reason for American greatness, namely, the renewal, reformation and reawakening that's provided by the continuous flow of immigrants. I believe the anti-immigrant movement in America is one of our most serious public problems...The reality is, people will always get in. In New York City, we recognize this reality. New York City's policy toward undocumented immigrants is called Executive Order 124 (which protected illegals from being reported for using state services)...There are times when undocumented aliens must have a substantial degree of protection...Similarly, illegal and undocumented immigrants should be able to seek medical help without the threat of being reported. When these people are sick, they are just as sick and just as contagious as citizens."


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