Friday, November 23, 2007

Marking a Milestone

I recently received an email from Concerned Women for America praising religious liberty as the source of American freedom. Curious, I headed over to the CWA website and started snooping around. CWA is one of those ostensibly Christian parachurch outfits looking to reclaim the realm of politics and culture for Christ. On its website, we learn of the purpose of CWA: "The mission of CWA is to protect and promote Biblical values among all citizens - first through prayer, then education, and finally by influencing our society - thereby reversing the decline in moral values in our nation."

I quickly stumbled upon a series of articles spreading fear about the rise of an Islamic caliphate. Here is a short missive weaving a web of lies and half-truths, many of them typical knee-slappers. I'll paraphrase a few: “If we don’t kill them there, we’ll be killing them here”; “Democracy is the last, best hope of mankind”; “There is no civil war in Iraq”; “If we leave now there will be chaos”; “If we get out now Christians will die”. You get the point.

In short, CWA regurgitates the Neocon line that if we leave Iraq there will be a slaughter of innocents, political disorder, and a movement of the war from Baghdad to Boise.

CWA is headed up by Beverly LaHaye. Bev is the husband of Tim LaHaye, co-author of the "Left Behind" series, noted prophecy guru, and hardcore Zionist. Perhaps it is the Dispensational theology, ably propagated by Dr. LaHaye, that explains the unyielding support CWA has expressed for the "War on Terror."

Of course, the truth is that Muslims have been radicalized by the war, and our invasion of their lands. The war has made us less secure and made the life of Iraqi Christians perilous.

What really disturbed me, though, were several articles written for CWA by a young lady named Sarah Rode, who is an Assistant Policy Analyst for CWA.

In one essay, Ms. Rode calls Code Pink activists anti-American and compares them to Communists. I thought the Red-baiting was over, but perhaps Islamo-Commies will soon replace Islamo-Fascists as the moniker of choice among Neocons. Probably not considering they are little more than Trotskyites in drag.

Ms. Rode chastises Cindy Sheehan, who apparently told a five-year-old boy that his “daddy died for a lie.” While coarse and unnecessary, Ms. Sheehan is telling the truth. In fact, our servicemen are dying for lots of lies. Do you remember the propaganda about WMDs and mushroom clouds? Do you recall the promises about oil revenues and the salvific quality of democracy imposed at the point of a gun?

Ms. Rode also explains why she wants to go fight in Iraq. You see, Ms. Rode is a United States Marine Corps Officer Candidate. Yes, a Marine.

If you assume that a Christian organization would reject egalitarianism in favor of a complentarian understanding of gender roles you would be mistaken. Conservative Evangelicals used to object to the continuing sexual integration of the armed forces. Now in their zeal to prop up the warfare state, wallowing in egalitarian presuppositions, Christians routinely deny that there are in fact God-ordained sexual roles.

The Scriptures paint a different picture of a comprehensive pattern of differentiation between men and women. It is men who protect and lay down their lives for women, even as Christ died for the Church, and it is women who bear a responsibility as nurturers not warriors. In Joshua 1:14, we read that the "wives, young children, and livestock" of Israel remained on the other side of the Jordan River while the "fighting men" crossed the river to wage war against the Cannanites.

Today, Christian men prefer to send their wives, aunts, sisters and daughters to die on foreign battlefields instead of fighting themselves. A reader sent along a link recently which tracks the number of women servicemen who have died in Iraq. According to the latest figures, 100 women have perished in the war. Wow, a real milestone to celebrate.

about this issue in 2004, I asked the following: “Where are the pastors with the courage to preach on what God says about sending women into combat, and where are the Christian publications and leaders who will stand up and call the problem of women in combat what the Bible does: an ‘abomination?’ Where are the teachers who will call the doctrine of equality what it is: heresy?”

I’m still waiting.


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