Friday, November 30, 2007

Auster on the Surge

Lawrence Auster explains why the "success" of the "surge" is irrelevant: "So, while the surge has been a material success in reducing violence and increasing security, as I always acknowledged it would be, this success is tempered by the following factors: (a) the success is likely temporary; (b) the success is partial, since violence including terrorist attacks continue daily in Iraq; and (c) even if this (partial) success were permanent, reports indicate the ongoing development of a hard-line Shi'ite sharia society in the southern part of Iraq. So at best we will have suppressed the demonic forces of al Qaeda only to make Iraq safe for a sharia regime that will be no friend of ours. Which means that we are not accomplishing anything positive for ourselves in Iraq, but only, at best, staving off the worse (for the Iraqis) in favor of the less bad (for the Iraqis). We will have enhanced the well-being and safety of a people who will remain our civilizational adversaries, not our own well-being and safety. We can only secure the latter by permanently separating the Muslim world from ourselves, not by being involved in it."


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