Saturday, October 06, 2007

Some Random Musings

I knew Rudy reminded me of someone.

Maybe some conservatives are waking up. Rudy's lead in national polls is leading some on the "Right" to consider the possibility of jumping ship.

Pat Buchanan says that things look bad for Republicans but that the Dems are frankly no picnic:

"All the Democratic candidates but Hillary favored a federal law banning smoking in public places. Would that mean U.S. attorneys prosecuting bartenders for letting patrons puff away. Are Democrats going to take the nanny state national? Do they think Middle America is Mike Bloomberg's Manhattan?

All the Democratic candidates except Dennis Kucinich favored the Federal requirement that states outlaw drinking by 18-year-olds, which means high school kids who join the Marines can't have a night of beer with their buddies before heading to Anbar.

All the Democratic front-runners favored second-graders being read stories in school about a homosexual marriage between a pair of princes. This would result in the absurdity of 6-year-olds, forbidden by the U.S. Supreme Court from learning about God, Adam and Eve in school, being introduced to sexual unions between Adam and Steve. America is just not that far down that road."

A sad article about what life for Christians in Iraq is like in the aftermath of their "liberation."

Andrew Sullivan with some strong words: "We have war criminals in the White House. What are we going to do about it?"

The war isn't popular with Republican voters in Iowa. Fifty-one percent of likely caucus goers want all military out of Iraq in six months. This is an opportunity that needs to be exploited by Dr. Paul.

The actions of Blackwater "security" details are inevitable in the sort of conflict we entered in Iraq.

This is how "evangelical" churches are "reaching" young boys with the Gospel? Maybe they should take them to a strip club. That would get 'em through the door.

I don't hear much these days about Afghanistan, but violence is up 30%. Is there any way to actually do anything productive in Afghanistan without more support in Islamabad?

An interesting article about lotteries in the NY Times. Turns out that the promises related to school funding have been oversold. I'm not a big anti-gambling guy, like many of my fellow Christians, but I think that state-sponsored lotteries and the rise of gambling are grounded in some very damaging anti-Christian presuppositions. Specifically, the rise of gambling and games of chance is fundamentally grounded in a rejection of a Calvinistic understanding of God's providence. I also think gambling is harmful because it emphasizes immediacy and instant gratification rather than thrift and a future-orientation, both of which I think should spring from the Christian faith.

Homosexuality is a conservative value--as long as they support the war!

Planning to vote for Fred Thompson? Read this and this from Richard Viguerie first.


Blogger John Savage said...

Darrell, great links. I especially enjoyed the one from Gottfried at TakiMag. It's interesting how each war ends up promoting certain values at home. Many conservatives will follow the GOP leadership into another crusade on behalf of liberalism abroad.

9:00 PM  
Blogger Darrell said...

You hit on something I've been wanting to blog about for some time and haven't gotten to just yet.

Conservatives should oppose warfare because it is a vehicle of revolution--and destruction.

It is no accident that WWI and Vietnam spawned counter-cultural movements and radical political movements and changes. WWII led to dramatically different gender roles, the divorce rate increased dramatically, etc. War throws off the shackles of restraint.

Now we have conservatives who are happy to see women in the military, want to set up recruiting offices in foreign lands, and are now seeking the support of homosexuals...all to give life to the warfare state.

6:52 AM  

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