Thursday, October 04, 2007

Ron Paul Rising?

Though I don't think Ron Paul can duplicate the success of Pat Buchanan's insurgencies in 1992 and 1996, he does seem to be gaining traction.

The Paul campaign reports raising $5.1 million in the 3rd quarter, an amount five times greater than the paltry sum raised by Mike Huckabee--don't you recall that bounce he was going to get after the Iowa straw poll?-- and about 1/2 the amount raised by Rudolph Giuliani.

Meanwhile, the Religious Right is making noise indicating that Giuliani is unacceptable given his extreme positions on social issues and, um, personal faults. With the McCain implosion and the less than stellar performance of Fred Thompson, Mitt Romney has become the likely standard-bearer for the GOP. As Bob Novak says, "Mitt Romney still looks anemic in the national polls, but his lead in the early primary states is making him the Republican presidential candidate to beat. He is not much of a frontrunner, but he is beginning to look a little like a favorite."

Will my evangelical friends support a slick character like Romney, a Mormon who supported abortion rights until his conversion on the road to Des Moines? Mitt is also the son of George Romney, a typical Rockefeller Republican who attacked Barry Goldwater in the 1960's, and there is no indication that the apple fell far from the tree in the younger Romney.

Finally, the GOP is heading straight for the proverbial cliff ala "Thelma and Louise" with its failure to ditch the Bush Doctrine. The war is an abysmal failure morally and strategically and the political chickens will soon come home to roost.

In the GOP field of also-rans, Paul is a shining light. He is the only one looking to extricate us from the war in Iraq and has succinctly identified the neo-conservatives as the source of the problem politically for the GOP and ideologically for what remains of the Old Right.

Paul's chief strength politically is his opposition to the war which is mirrored by most of the country, though unfortunately not necessarily most of his party. For example Paul has raised more money from the military than any other GOP candidate. It is likewise helpful that the GOP establishment, including the "Religious Right", has not yet fallen in line with one candidate.

With no clear and demonstrative front-runner and a dispirited party, along with the rise of various means of communication that allow for the mobilizing of constituencies outside the traditional GOP fold, it is no longer a given that Dr. Paul will fade into obscurity.

But should he rise in the polls and become a true a threat to the duopoly governing the regime the silence of the MSM will turn quickly into the braying and snorting of ravenous wolves.


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