Sunday, October 21, 2007

FRC Poll Results

Though the press will likely fawn over Huckabee's near victory among the "Values Voters" contingent, it is interesting that Ron Paul did so well, finishing a strong third.

Does Huckabee pose a threat to Giuliani, Romney, and Thompson? In Iowa, he is presently polling at 18%, a whisker behind Thompson and within range of Romney. However, more than 1/2 of Iowa Republicans are ready to ditch the war in Iraq and immigration has become an issue as well. The immigration issue clearly hurt Brownback, a fervent supporter of mass amnesty, for example.

Huckabee has a problem in that he continues to support the "surge" and also has alienist sympathies. Don't look for David Brooks or David Broder to let people in on those secrets, though.

Despite the positive press, Huckabee doesn't have much money, either. Iowa and New Hampshire are, of course, conducive to retail politicking and there have certainly been upsets in the past. But it is unlikely that the Huckster can compete beyond those early states.

As support begins to plunge for the major candidates in both parties, there is room for an upstart. With his fervent band of supporters and some newfound cash, Ron Paul's stock will continue to rise.

Though most in the MSM are still mocking Dr. Paul and his supporters, others are beginning to take notice.

The primary issue driving a Paul campaign is his strident and continuing opposition to the war and the folly of interventionism. Yet ABC is reporting that Dr. Paul will not reference the war in his radio ads introducing himself to a broader constituency. This is a mistake, and if this is the political advice he is getting then...well, he needs to look elsewhere for political advice.


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