Saturday, September 29, 2007

More From the Comedians at BP

Here is more head-shaking foolishness courtesy of Baptist Press.

Richard Land says, for the 4,456th time, that we've turned the corner in Iraq. "By most informed accounts, the strategic ground has shifted in America's favor in Iraq," said General Land, commenting on the testimony of the sycophantic David Petraeus and Ryan Crocker.

Land says that disorder and the sinister chicanery of non-state actors makes religious liberty in Iraq more difficult to achieve than capturing a greased pig.

What's needed, you see, is an Iraqi state: "Clearly, the cause of religious freedom is enhanced by civil order being restored through the defeat of Al Qaeda and armed and dangerous sectarian militia." says Land thoughtfully. "Religious freedom is more likely to flourish in societies where there is a commitment to civil order and where non-state actors are not permitted to perpetrate atrocities on those who oppose, or merely disagree with, them."

Clearly it would have been nice if Mr. Land had reached this thoughtful consideration before braying for the destruction of the Iraqi state, the elimination of the Baath Party, and the disbanding of the Iraqi army. In short, he should have considered the consequences of destroying the Iraqi regime before becoming a shill for administration policy in the Middle East.

And now Land says that bringing relief to Mesopotamia requires more--more blood, more treasure, more sacrifice, more maimed GIs, and more dead warriors.

There were approximately 1.2 million Christians in Iraq prior to the war. They were largely free, admittedly imperfectly, to practice their faith without molestation. Today, that number has been halved. The rest have been killed or forced into other Arab lands as a consequence of the disorder brought by the "Coalition of the Willing." Without the political support of Evangelicals, the destruction of Iraq's historic Christian communities would not have occurred, and we all have their blood on our hands.


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