Saturday, September 29, 2007

Finally Back

I've spent some time traveling the last few weeks to Philadelphia, San Francisco, and Ann Arbor. I've also had to prepare some Bible studies I've been leading at a local half-way house, and hence haven't had much time to aimlessly pontificate from my perch here at Dow Blog.

There is much I would like to write about, particularly my experience in a few of America's "great" cities. Being a keen observer of the human condition I've got a few thoughts on the decline and fall of Western Civilization on display in the urban megalopolises dotting the American landscape.

But before I get to such musings in later posts, I'd like to spend a few moments reviewing some "news" pumped out from Baptist Press in recent weeks. As a Southern Baptist, I feel obliged to comment when the leaders and institutions of my church write things publicly that need correction. In this case, it is what's not said that is the problem.

In his weekly column, Kelly Boggs provides his "Thoughts on the Jena Six." After a relatively measured rehashing of the facts, Boggs comments on the good, bad, and ugly on display in Jena.

"Under the category of good," writes Boggs, "it is clear that the criminal justice system has thus far worked in this case. The charges originally filed against the Jena 6 were disproportionate to their crime. Also, the teen that stood trial should not have done so as an adult."

Similarly, "On the bad side of the ledger are the district attorney and the presiding judge," says Boggs. "It was a very bad move to charge the Jena 6 with attempted murder. It was equally bad to try one of the teens as an adult. The DA should never have done it and the judge should never have allowed it."

Why should the perpetrator, Mychal Bell, not be tried as an adult? Biblically speaking can Boggs point to anything textually to defend his position? The answer is no. Rather he accepts the myth of adolescence, that at the "tender" age of 16 a man is not yet responsible for his actions. Such thinking renders justice impossible and leads to a group of thugs beating a kid senseless with no punishment, hiding under the fig leaf of their age.

I'm not sure exactly how to interpret Deut. 21:18-21, but the clear intent of the law in Israel was to eliminate the possibility of an habitual criminal class. The family, likewise, was to stand with justice rather than a guilty family member. Mr. Bell has a lengthy criminal record including multiple violent crimes. Yet he has become a celebrity, defended by everyone from Jesse Jackson and Al Shartpon, to T. D. Jakes and Dr. Phil.

In one of the only reasonable pieces from the commentariat I've seen, Steve Sailer gets it right. "On this particular Earth, everybody who is anybody in the media feels that the stompers are the victims, not the stompee...In the end, the Jena Six should be thankful they stomped a mere white boy. If, like possibly prison-bound NFL quarterback Michael Vick, they had instead stomped a dog - well, then, there would be hell to pay."


Anonymous Mark said...

Hey Darrell,

Make sure you let me know if you ever get to Rockford, IL.....I'd love to have you in my home.

9:38 PM  
Blogger Darrell said...

Thanks, Mark. Will you be able to take me to Tom Fleming's house :)

1:04 PM  
Anonymous Mark said...

No but I can take you to his office. And I might be able to arrange to take you to Aaron Wolf's house, how's that?

10:28 PM  
Blogger Darrell said...

That's pretty good! Aaron Wolf is always a highlight of Chronicles, perhaps the wittiest writer there these days.

8:39 AM  

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