Sunday, September 16, 2007

Amusing Ourselves to Death

The Internet provides countless opportunities and places to find the news of the day. But regrettably most folks still rely on television and their local paper.

Yesterday, after writing my post about events in Iraq, I stumbled outside to grab my local newspaper, the fine Louisville Courier Journal. Back in the old days, the CJ actually covered events. You could read about WWI from an actual reporter, writing from a place like France, rather than relying on AP feeds or some schmo spitting up a Pentagon press release. Today the CJ reads more like a local version of USA Today without the nice graphs.

In any case, above the fold in the Saturday paper were two headlines. The first read, "Fans gripe over cost to see IU on cable." The gist is that many residents in southern Indiana who subscribe to Insight cable, which is in Louisville, will have to pony up an extra $13 a month to get digital cable if they want to watch The Big 10 Network, where they can watch IU hoops.

The second headline was "Fired up for football." Here a CJ sportswriter discourses on the annual University of Louisville-University of Kentucky football game.

Below the fold was this: "Iraq report highlights little progress on benchmarks."

Does anyone else think our priorities a bit strange?


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