Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Remind Me Why...

Here is a local story cataloging the continuing HOMOgenizing pinkification of the GOP (that’s Gay Old Party).

On Tuesday, Glenn Murphy, chairman of the Clark County, Indiana Republican Party and president of the Young Republican National Federation, resigned both positions in the wake of an investigation into alleged criminal deviate conduct. The allegations which come from a police report indicate that Murphy performed an unwanted sex act on a 22-year-old man while he slept in a relative’s home. This is the second time that Murphy has been arrested for such conduct.

Meanwhile, on the national stage, the leading GOP presidential candidate is a cross-dressing, abortion-supporting, gay-rights backing liberal, who nevertheless wins plaudits from conservatives, and much too frequently gets a pass from Christians, because of his support for the "War on Terror."

Can someone remind me why I'm supposed to vote for Republicans?


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