Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Oh, He's No Caligula

In an interview on Anti-war radio, attorney Bruce Fein says that the current administration has more in common with Caligula than the Founding Fathers. You can find an MP3 of the interview here.

Fein served as a senior poohbah in the Reagan justice department and drew up the first article of impeachment during the Clinton imbroglio. Now he is teaming up with Bob Barr, Richard Viguerie, David Keene, and a handful of others to restore sanity to the much diminished "conservative movement."

Fein has been busily attacking the pretensions of the emperor and critiquing the Unitary Executive theory and the increasing tendency of conservatives to support a "living Constitution," as long as it provides for the accruing of executive power.

Democrats, too, have baled out and given the administration broadly enhanced powers to eavesdrop on the phone calls and emails of Americans.

Christians have naturally been silent given that the president is "God's man." As Chris Ortiz writes, "Torture, spying, and preemptive military action, and the "servants of Christ" offer not a peep of protest. In fact, they do just the opposite: they wave their flags of freedom while the state is tapping their phones."


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