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Ron Paul on Homeschooling

As a homeschool parent, I find strident opposition to and disdain for homeschooling to be a sign of ignorance, pointing potentially to much larger flaws in the worldviews of its critics.

The political involvement of homeschoolers at state and local levels is necessary to protect parental rights. Even at the national level, it is necessary for groups such as the Home School Legal Defense Association to keep members apprised of shenanigans perpetrated in the Imperial City.

Nevertheless, I've been disturbed by the mindless support offered up by homeschoolers to the GOP, particularly with regard to the war, where the homeschoolers I know are still largely enlisted in the imperial project in Mesopotamia.

I hadn't thought about Ron Paul's position on homeschooling. I simply assumed he was supportive of parents and families trying to free themselves in some limited way from the tentacles of the state and culture of mediocrity and atheism enshrined in public schools.

I wasn't disappointed. Here is a press release from the Paul campaign.

Will homeschoolers support Paul? The question is merely rhetorical. HSLDA has already endorsed Mike Huckabee. Yes, you read that correctly--Mike Huckabee.

Given Paul's support for homeschoolers over many years, why would the HSLDA endorse Huckabee? Because the HSLDA is joined at the hip with the GOP and any deviation from conservative dogmatics precipitates excommunication of the heretic.

Support for Bushian foreign policy now defines the GOP, and those who dissent in the political sphere face rhetorical and political assaults. Battered by amoral sexual degenerates and revolutionaries on the left and corporate shills and militarists on the right, I am a politically homeless pilgrim wandering aimlessly in search of a place to call home.


Blogger Shana said...

I believe you're right on the money as to why HSLDA would endorse Huckabee instead Dr. Paul. It's very hypocritical on their part. Just do a search at their site regarding each of the candidates names- it becomes obvious very quickly which candidate is protecting the rights of parents to homeschool and which one signed in legislation as governor that restricted the freedom of homeschooling parents.

3:18 PM  
Blogger Darrell said...

Hi Shana--Stopped by your blog and enjoyed it very much. In any case, we shouldn't expect much of such groups. My problem generally with Christians in politics is that they compromise too soon and at the same take stands on issues where they should be willing to extend charity. The confusion is everywhere.

8:34 PM  
Blogger *~Tamara~* said...

There simply is no candidate more supportive of homeschooling than Ron Paul. None. That particular issue aside, his entire career as a congressman and the entire basis of his presidential campaign is LIBERTY, and that would naturally include the freedom to homeschool.

The endorsement of Mike Huckabee by the HSLDA was a huge compromise and a tell-tale sign of where their allegiance lies for an organization that claims to support the absolute right of the people to homeschool their children. They are lock-step with the typical GOP and Ron Paul, with his truly conservative approach to limited government, is anything but typical GOP.

This home schooler supports him proudly.

1:46 PM  
Blogger Shamgar said...

Will homeschoolers support Paul?

From this Reformed, Classical Liberal Homeschooler - Yes. Absolutely. :-)

I've wished for years he could be my congressional representative (sadly he's not in my district) but now I have a chance to have him as president. You better believe I'm behind him.

5:31 PM  
Blogger Darrell said...

Tamar and Shamgar,

Well, I guess that now makes four of us supporting Paul.

9:14 PM  
Blogger Becky said...

This homeschooling family is supporting Ron Paul. :-)

8:39 PM  
Blogger Alyssa said...

We're a homeschool, military family who supports Ron Paul in 2008! As much as HSLDA does some great work on behalf of homeschoolers throughout the world, it is true that they are pre-committed to the mainstream GOP. Too bad.

RON PAUL in 08.

8:28 AM  
Anonymous James' said...

This is rediculous.

Mike Huckabee criticizes the GOP almost as much if not more than Ron Paul. And Mike Huckabee is very firm in support of homeschoolers. Why don't you actually read and post the reasons they gave for nominating him? Instead you fabricate a stupid one. He has a much better chance at winning the primary than Ron Paul anyway. I respect them both more than all of the others, but it seems that Dr. Paul holds the constitution over the Bible in a lot of issues. That may not be important to you, but it is to many conservatives.

Mike Huckabee is a friend of homeschoolers, and opposes the IRS as well. In allot of ways he is very similar to Ron Paul, probably the closest Republican there is. He is a fine candidate.


11:59 PM  
Blogger Darrell said...


Mike Huckabee criticizes the GOP quite frequently from the Left. His positions on immigration, to take one example, sound closer to Teddy Kennedy then, say, Pat Buchanan. On health care, too, he is ambiguous. He has also endorsed the ridiculous proposition that the Feds should ban smoking.

Moreover, his positions on the war and civil liberties are NOT the views of an authentic, bible-believing Christian. I don't care how many deluded folk believe otherwise.

"Why don't you actually read and post the reasons they gave for nominating him?"

I read, and linked to the document. Anyone desiring to read the statement from Mr. Farris and the HSLDA can read it from my website. I shouldn't be asked to spout their particular line.

His position on trade seems to have changed as well, exhibiting a Road to Des Moines conversion. Huck had always been a free-trader and now he sounds like Pat Buchanan.

9:10 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

James said, "He has a much better chance at winning the primary than Ron Paul anyway."

This type of thinking is what has gotten us where we are -- too many people vote out of fear rather than on principles.

Huckabee would probably be my second choice, but I plan to vote my conscience, not on odds.

1:55 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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