Friday, July 27, 2007

Christians in Iraq

According to the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom, conditions for religious minorities (i.e., Christians) in Iraq "have deteriorated very considerably.”

An Anglican vicar in Baghdad who supported the invasion and overthrow of Saddam Hussein told the commission that Christians have “never had it so bad" in Iraq.

In case anyone has forgotten, Christians in Iraq were largely free of persecution and protected by the Iraqi state during the bad ole days of that tyrannical, mini-Hitler, Stalin-wannabe Saddam Hussein. While far from perfect, the lives of Christians in pre-war Iraq were far better than they are today.

Roughly 50 percent of the Christian population has fled Iraq and about 40 percent of the 2.2 million refugees from Iraq are Chaldo-Assyrian Christians. Most of these refugees have found protection in Syria, Jordan and Turkey.

Naturally, the sad plight of Iraqi Christians wrought by mindless, reckless American interventionism is being used by the likes of Richard Land to promote more mindless, reckless interventionism in Iraq.

Land currently serves as vice-chair of the U.S. Commission on International Freedom, and after testimony about the Iraq debacle had this to say: “I applaud the courage of all of those who testified and the courage of those that they testified in behalf of in continuing to bear witness for their faith in the midst of a terrible and tragic situation. Hopefully, their testimony will help encourage our government to do more to ensure that the rights of all religious minorities will be protected in Iraq."

How exactly does Dr. Land propose we ensure “religious freedom” in Iraq? I’ve chronicled Land’s deranged enthusiasm for the war in Iraq, but this is just too much. Land led the charge of evangelicals in support of this silly war, based on fabrications and lies about WMDs and the allegedly tight relationship between Bin-Laden and Hussein.

The religion of messianic militarism has a voice in Richard Land. His shilling on behalf of an immoral war has led to the destruction of the world’s oldest Christian communities, a consequence that anyone with the slightest foresight and knowledge of the region would have reasonably predicted.

Sadly, it is often our own occupying forces that are committing misdeeds directed at Christians. Even now monks are being evicted from monasteries to quarter “coalition” troops and store arms while Dr. Land prattles on about their religious freedom.

A fundamentalist faith in the wonder working power of “democracy” and our ability to impose it at the point of a bayonet has led to disaster for our Christian brethren in the Middle East. As journalist Felicity Arbuthnot has written, “In the ‘cradle of civilization’ where Abraham, Father of Christianity, Islam and Judaism was believed born at Ur, his children, of all religions and denominations, it seems, are now those of a lesser God - as the Yazidis, Zoroastrians and Mandeans, the forgotten minorities, safe under a ‘tyrant’, now doomed under the fundamentalist US/UK's crusading army of God.”


Anonymous Adam said...

Richard Land is a member of the Council of Foreign Relations, therefore it comes as no surprise that he would advocate a globalist, anti-christian, agenda.

6:46 PM  
Anonymous Bryan F. said...

Wow. Just stumbled onto your blog and read this entry. INCREDIBLY refreshing to see an evangelical (reformed no less) speaking truth about the war and calling out prominent evangelicals who are sorely misguided. Praise the Lord!!

8:12 PM  
Blogger Darrell said...

Adam--I think it is possible to be a member of the CFR and not be a globo-conspirator, but typically these guys will share a worldview in clear and distinct opposition to historic Christianity. Hence, those who would purport to be religious leaders ought to steer clear.


Yes, unfortunately, Christians of our ilk are indeed a small remnant. But take heart in God's sovereignty and His grace.

Take a look at some of the links in the post as well. Here at Dow Blog we believe in putting our on house in order first, so I try to start by critiquing unbiblical attitudes within the SBC before I get too worked up about the ECUSA or PCUSA. Hope you stop back.

9:19 PM  

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