Saturday, May 26, 2007

A Few Blurbs

Without much fanfare or hoopla from Red State Fascists, President Bush signed a directive authorizing effectively dictatorial powers in the event of a "catastrophic emergency" declared by...the president.

Commenting on the new directive, and other malfeasance, is the good Pastor Chuck Baldwin: "So, the sixty-four million dollar question seems to be, Is George W. Bush an egomaniac, without conscience or regard for his own party, or is he a bumbling, stumbling, simpleton-cowboy who is really as dumb as he talks, or is he deliberately and meticulously (with much help, of course) orchestrating America's entrance into Daddy Bush's "New World Order"? I personally believe the correct answer is found behind curtain number three.

In any case, President Bush has almost single-handedly superintended the destruction of the Republican Party, which by itself, is not necessarily a bad thing. America desperately needs a strong Independent party that respects America's working men and women and submits to constitutional government. Perhaps the demise of the GOP will create a void that such a party can fill in 2008--providing that Bush has not become der F├╝hrer by then."

On the war-front, cowardly congressional Democrats caved to Bush on the Iraq funding bill, tossing their anti-war constituency overboard. The 100-billion-dollar legislation will fund the war through September and in no way curbs Mr. Bush's war-making "authority."

Pat Buchanan asks, "Why did the Democrats capitulate?" His answer: "Because they lack the courage of their convictions. Because they fear the consequences if they put their antiwar beliefs into practice. Because they are afraid if they defund the war and force President Bush to withdraw U.S. troops, the calamity he predicts will come to pass and they will be held accountable for losing Iraq and the strategic disaster that might well ensue."

This is an old story, and we've heard variations of it scores of times, but a new report says intelligence analysts warned the White House that the invasion of Iraq "could create instability that would give Iran and al-Qa'ida new opportunities to expand their influence [and] could increase extremist recruiting."

Quick, someone forward the link to Rudy "There's No Such Thing as Blowback, That's Ridiculous" Giuliani.

Speaking of Rudy, Dr. Paul has given him a reading list.


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