Friday, February 23, 2007

Rudy and the Religious Right, a Marriage Made in Heaven?

Can Rudy Giuliani appeal to what passes for the conservative movement? Can a man who supports abortion on demand, has marched in Gay Pride parades, and supports open-borders win support from conservatives? Why not, these fellas voted for George Bush didn't they? Twice! And we can't possibly allow Mrs. Clinton into the White House. You gotta vote for the lesser of two evils. I mean after all, WWJD? He certainly ain't a Democrat.

In a recent essay at Lew Rockwell's site, Glenn Greenwald makes the case that Giuliani is the most likely GOP standard-bearer given that conservatives love war more than they hate abortion, widespread acceptance of gay marriage, the invasion of our southern border, and unbiblical divorce:

But for the bulk of religious conservatives, foreign policy issues are not distinct from religious and moral issues. Our Middle East foreign policy is a critical, really the predominant, item on their moral and religious agenda. Among the Christian right, aggressive, war-seeking policies in the Middle East – specifically against Muslim religiosity and Israel's enemies – are embraced on moral and theological grounds far more than on geopolitical grounds.

Greenwald is laying out the frightening possibility that the only thing worse than a Bush presidency is an energized executive branch headed by an astute and able politician with the steely demeanor of a prosecutor bent on fulfilling Armageddonist fantasies. According to Greenwald, Rudy fits that bill. I don't know about you, but such a prospect sends chills down my spine.

I think I agree with the paleo historian Paul Gottfried:

For the sake of full disclosure, in a two-way race between Hillary and Giuliani, in which I was required to vote, I would reluctantly give my ballot to the less dangerous and less radical candidate from New York, the former first lady. I could not imagine a candidate whom I as a Taft Republican would find less agreeable in the White House than Giuliani, and not only for his positions on foreign affairs. His stated views on illegal immigration are at least as execrable as those of Teddy Kennedy.


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