Thursday, February 22, 2007

Immigration Update, Part II

I see that Lindsey Graham is up for an award from La Raza. Cardinal Maloney is likewise being honored. Such is the corruption in the modern church that the Los Angeles diocese used Ash Wednesday services to encourage parishioners to repent for the sin failing to support open-borders.

Mahony said his focus for Lent would be the children of immigrants who, he claims, "are innocents impacted by an unjust system that has failed and will continue to fail them and our society until true comprehensive reform is passed by Congress and the president." "Comprehensive reform" is of course a euphemism for the rewarding of lawlessness.

Being a Baptist, I won't give up long church services or fried chicken for Lent, but perhaps I will cease taking seriously the moral claims of a Cardinal who is more worried about the children of illegal aliens than kids in his diocese. As bishop of the L.A. diocese, Mahoney covered-up the pedophilia of numerous priests, moving them from parish to parish where they came into contact with ever more children. Perhaps judgment should begin in the household of the faithful.


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