Saturday, October 21, 2006

Iraq, Elections, and the Failures of Christians

The president says he has no intention of changing course in Iraq. "Our goal has not changed. Our goal is a country that can defend, sustain and govern itself, a country that which will serve as an ally in this war. Our tactics are adjusting." Tactics need adjusting, huh? Even some warmongers are no longer buying it. NRs Jonah Goldberg, whose writing is indicative of the decline and fall of serious conservative thinking, has admitted the war was a "noble" mistake. Eliot Cohen concedes, too, that the war has been a failure. "That the Iraq war is, if not a failure, failing, requires little demonstration," writes Cohen in the Wall Street Journal. Of course as a typical neocon, Cohen hasn't given up on the notion of senseless destruction in the name of restoring American credibility. "American prestige...will not be restored without a considerable and successful use of American military power down the road."

Speaking to GOP flak Rush Limbaugh, VP Cheney said the war is going "remarkably well." "I think there's some natural level of concern out there because in fact, you know, it wasn't over instantaneously. It's been a little over three years now since we went into Iraq, so I don't think it's surprising that people are concerned," said the vice president. "On the other hand, this government has only been in office about five months, five or six months now. They're off to a good start. It is difficult, no question about it, but we've now got over 300,000 Iraqis trained and equipped as part of their security forces. They've had three national elections with higher turnout than we have here in the United States. If you look at the general overall situation, they're doing remarkably well."

Speaking of GOP lickspittles, Sean Hannity, Michael Medved, Laura Ingraham, Mike Gallagher, and Neal Boortz were recently seen lounging in the Oval Office, getting marching orders from the president himself. Far from being a populist medium challenging the concentration of power, talk radio yakkers have become a Ministry of Truth: "Much of national talk radio today serves the same purpose as Big Brother's Ministry of Truth by endlessly spinning coverage of the issues in a light favorable to the chosen party line. Narrowly constructed arguments attempt to define issues with the false choices of liberal vs. conservative, Republican vs. Democrat, etc. Airwaves bristle with constant agitation for war and the demonizing of those who are designated as enemies."

Out here in the real world, people are beginning to notice the folly and deceit at the heart of administration policy in Iraq and elsewhere. That is obviously bad news for Republicans and conservatives, who have attached the party and movement to a foolish and unwinnable war and an arrogant executive. All of those in the know seem of the opinion that in a post-election environment, a newfound sanity will arise and the adults will take seize the reins of power from the current crop of Jacobins marauding about. Senator Sununu says, "I don't think anyone in the administration is pleased about the current state of affairs. I would hope that members of the administration are willing to learn from past mistakes . . . and choose a different path that would allow us to meet our objectives." Yes, they've proven most flexible to this point, don't you think? In an election season, even Republican politicians are running away from the president. Of course, I would feel better if I assumed any of them were telling the truth, and had exercised a bit of good judgment in the past.

Meanwhile, as Iraqi Christians live in fear of being victimized by death squads, evangelical "leaders" like Richard Land team up with socialists like Jim Wallis to agitate on behalf of intervention in Sudan. So, in short, American foreign policy should mean advancing Islamic interests in places such as Africa, the Balkans, and former Soviet republics, while selling out Middle Eastern Christians because it works for Israel. This is the best we can get from Christian foreign policy thinkers.

The Iraqi government is doing everything in its power to shield the number of civilian deaths.

Is it any wonder that no one takes Christians seriously? A debate among Baptists over the issue of Calvinism was slated to be held in Lynchburg, VA. The debate was evntually cancelled and one of the paricipants, Ergun Caner, referred to Calvinists as "worse than Muslims."

Chris Ortiz with a fabulous post over at Chalcedon:

There are no political solutions to our national dilemmas. Our reliance must be upon the Lord. The Christian community must return to Him with a repentance made manifest in explicit, determined obedience to His law and covenant. Christian Reconstructionists bear a specific responsibility to speak along these lines, yet a good many theonomic leader has left the fold for the "deeper waters" of triviality, obscure literature, theological revisionism, and hip-hop! They are preoccupied with memorizing the multiple brands of ale and photographing themselves smoking cigars. My goodness, need I remind you men of your calling...

Enough with metanarratives. Enough with "emergence." Enough with postmodernity. Why do you allow the moorings of a contemporary culture to determine your daily focus? Oh, what an intoxicating spirit is the liquor of relevance! The application of your prophetic office is not relevance to a capricious culture, but rather representation of the righteous Lord. Seek to conform men to God's standards rather than conform yourself to man's cultural folly...

Rushdoony and Bahnsen are gone just a few years and already theonomic leaders are toying with Pharoah and his chariots; and I have no other explanation than that of confusion. As was the handicap of ancient Israel today's Christian is "veiled" from "seeing to the end of what was established" (cf. 2 Cor. 3:14,15). When you lose sight of the direction of eschatological purpose you become consumed with the present. Since Israel could not see the goal of Old Testament history due to the veiling of their hearts and minds they wandered aimlessly and sought only to conform to other nations, i.e., they lusted for cultural relevance.


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