Saturday, September 02, 2006

They're Just Better Manipulators

Addressing a group of U.S. Navy personnel, Defense Secretary Rumsfeld says that the BIG PROBLEM in the "war on terror" isn't the folly of the administration's "strategy." Perish the thought!

In point of fact, says Secretary Rumsfeld, the problem is the success of those no-goodnik Islamic Fascists in "manipulating the media" to influence Westerners.

"They can lie with impunity," says Rumsfeld. Rumsfeld continues: "The enemy is so much better at communicating. I wish we were better at countering that because the constant drumbeat of things they say -- all of which are not true -- is harmful. It's cumulative. And it does weaken people's will and lessen their determination, and raise questions in their minds as to whether the cost is worth it."

This came as ephiphany to Paul Craig Roberts:

Now I get it. When Fox News’ Sean Hannity and Bill O’Reilly assured us that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction that would be used against us if we didn’t strike first, they were being manipulated by Osama bin Laden, who used America to get rid of the secular Saddam Hussein and to create a new training and recruitment ground for al Qaeda and fundamentalist fanatics.

When the New York Times let Judith Miller serve as a propagandist for war with Iraq, the Times was being manipulated by Muslim terrorists, not by neocons.

When CNN, the networks and columnists like Ann Coulter and Michelle Malkin reassure us that we will win the war unless we pull out prematurely, they are being manipulated by terrorists. Finally I understand what the Weekly Standard, National Review, the Wall Street Journal editorial page, AEI, and the online site Frontpage are all about.

Yes, we're all the victims of propoganda by the bad guys. Of course, this wasn't propoganda, it was merely bad intelligence.


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