Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Buchanan vs. Bahnsen: Or Godzilla vs. Bambi

I seldom read David Bahnsen because, well, what’s the point? I mean lets face it, he certainly isn't his father. But a reader forwarded me this link where Bahnsen unsheathes a few deep thoughts related to Pat Buchanan’s State of Emergency.

Bahnsen lobs some of the same tired rhetorical hand grenades employed by the usual suspects on the radical left. Sounding like a La Raza spokesflak, Bahnsen calls Buchanan "ignorant" and accuses him of fomenting a "misguided ideology that for many reeks of racism." (Forget for a moment that--you're going to be shocked--Bahnsen doesn't define "racism" nor provide a single example of Buchanan's sins in this regard.)

Buchanan's defense of immigration restriction "is logically consistent with his abhorent view of global economics, but that does not change the sheer horror of what he is truly advocating," says young Davie. "The notion that free global competition could hurt our own lazy abilities to sustain ourselves is pure and simple protectionism, and it is counter to all sound free market economics (not to mention that pesky 8th commandment many of us still believe in)."

Considering the out-and-out slander employed by Bahnsen, one wonders how seriously he takes the 9th Commandment.

So Davie believes that tariffs represent an attack on the 8th commandment. Unless he believes that all taxation is theft, this is a ridiculous and untenable position. Indeed, tariffs (taxes on the consumption of foreign goods) are infinitely preferable to taxes on income, property, or inheritance. Why would a business owner pony up taxes to pay for roads to transport goods, a legal system to enforce contracts, etc., when a foreign firm can import goods and be freed from similar costs? In effect, such policies discriminate against domestic producers and workers.

Meanwhile, real wages of Americans continue to fall precipitously. Part of the decline of working and middle-class standards of living is attributable to our insane immigration policy. For example, economist George Borjas estimates that immigration is responsible for half the decrease observed in the wages of high-school dropouts. Current immigration policy has become little more than tool to redistribute wealth, shifting resources from the poor to the wealthy without creating aggregate economic growth.

Furthermore, Bahnsen's "racially irrelevant" Christianity, which logically leads to an open-borders position, ultimately dilutes the ethnic core of the country and ultimately leads to the dissolution of a free economy. The Free Market, where Bahnsen burns incense, is not a mere abstraction, but necessarily exists within a social and institutional framework with essential preconditions and presuppositions that are quite obviously undermined by unconstrained "diversity." In short, mass immigration, the replacement of one people by another, necessarily undermines the cultural preconditions that make free markets possible.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

David Bahnsen is a pathetic joke. He's making money hand-over-fist by selling un-Biblical and anti-Christian financial instruments on a commission basis to unsuspecting sheep who are going to be shorn in the next great economic upheaval. On top of that, he's pushing Rudy Giuliani (yes, pro-abortion, pro-gun control, pro-homosexuality Rudy) for the Republican nomination. He isn't even a shadow of his late and great old man.

9:26 PM  
Blogger David J. Houston said...

What I love to see are those who confess to be Christians coming out with these kinds of comments. I'm sure by saying "David Bahnsen is a pathetic joke" and "He isn't even a shadow of his late and great old man" you are intending to rebuke him in Christian love? You should repent for the completely direspectful means by which you have expressed your view of a fellow Christian

12:06 PM  
Blogger Darrell said...

Part of the problem with anonymous commentary is that it occasionally crosses lines. Mr. Houston makes a good point. At times, I've true sympathy for young Bahnsen. Some of his positions are, to my mind, disgraceful and provoke an expression of pity--this is the definition of "pathetic". It is also undeniably the case that he, as many of us, myself included, are mere shadows of our fathers. Is he a "joke"? Well, presumably there is little funny in what he says.

Your point is taken, however, Mr. Houston. Unfortunately given that I did not make the remark, I cannot apologize for it.

7:28 PM  

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