Saturday, September 09, 2006

Bill Maher, Bushbot

Bill Maher, the foul-mouthed "humorist" with a penchant for dating Black models, turns out to be an ethnocentrist writ large. Maher, who never misses an opportunity to disparage George Bush, recently offered up a little praise for the commander-in-chief.

Speaking of the then raging Israel-Hezbollah conflict Maher said this: "I mean, can you imagine if there was a terrorist organization that took over the country on our northern border, which would be Canada, and they started shelling us in our northern cities and Minnesota, and Bangor, Maine, was being shelled? What do you think George Bush would do? I think he would nuke them before breakfast. And look, you know I don’t like George Bush, but he is the best president we’ve ever had on Israel because for some reason, he gets that."

So why does Bush "get" Israel? "I think the reason he gets it is because he’s a crazy evangelical Christian," said Maher.

Maybe Maher can join CUFI.


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