Saturday, August 19, 2006


Kathy updated our family website, The Dows, which includes numerous pictures of our beautiful kids. School started at the Dow house, too, several weeks ago. So far, so good, though Andrew is convinced that a nomad is a "person, place, or thing." I was able to instruct one day and have been handling our studies in theology--which means we'll likely raise three heretics! I do feel very blessed, though, to have a wife that loves her children enough to sacrifice so much for their benefit. I love you, Kathy.

Has Jack van Impe been informed? Didn't I read about this in Ezekiel 38?

As Iraq plunges toward civil war, folks have stopped going to mosques and cars are being banned in Baghdad. Evidently CD sales of Islamic firebrands are on the rise, and of course they can always particpate via satellite TV. It's a bit like going to Lakewood. You never know, though. Iraqis may start watching TBN, which will certainly give them a good impression of American Christianity.

If they're watching Fox News maybe they will catch this ad.

Sunnis trust American soldiers more than Shiite-dominated security forces. Can't say as though I blame them. Check out the photo of the American G. I. who has been turned into a census taker.

I hope to get back to writing more frequent material in the future rather than just popping off about what's in the news. In the meantime, you can visit here for some of my "deep thoughts."


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