Saturday, August 26, 2006


I was out of town for work this past week, and upon my return was greeted by the latest issue of The American Conservative, along with the books by Pat Buchanan and Serge Trifkovic.

As usual, TAC was excellent. Andrew Bacevich, writing on the emergence of what William Lind calls Fourth Generation Warfare, says the balance of power in the Middle East has tipped:

What the Islamic Way of War does mean to both Israel and to the United States is this: The Arabs now possess--and know that they possess--the capacity to deny us victory, especially in any altercation that occurs on their own turf and among their people. To put it another way, neither Israel nor the United States today possess anything like the military muscle needed to impose its will on the various governments, nation-states, factions, and political movements that comprise our list of enemies.

Of course, none of this means that the United States, or even Israel, necessarily faces an "existential threat." The various movements within the Arab world are in many ways more divided than united.

As usual, TAC was filled with other great articles, particularly on foreign policy. But according to Nicholas Stix, TAC may be shutting its doors soon: "Over the past month, multiple well-placed sources in and close to The American Conservative (TAC) have variously informed me that: TAC is shutting down imminently; TAC’s bosses are sending out mixed signals, and will shut down soon, if their present fevered search for "angels" is unsuccessful; and TAC will shut down in the fall, at the latest. ("Angels" - my word, not theirs - is Broadway slang for backers.)"

Stix was unable to get comment from Buchanan or Taki about TAC's impending demise.

Stix says that the failure of TAC stems from their unwillingness to consistently defend an isolationist foreign policy stance. Moreover, Stix says TAC "caved" on race and, get this, gave in to "paranoid obsessions about Jews."

One wonders how a writer like Stix has the gall to haul out the anti-Semite slur. Perhaps Stix can gin-up a goy-free version of The National Vanguard--which seems to be the sort of clap-trap he's interested in creating.


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