Thursday, August 10, 2006

On Hypocrisy

In a drunken tirade, Mel Gibson uttered words for which he expressed regret and prostrated himself before the alter of political correctness.

Meanwhile, in a published op-ed in the Chicago Tribune, David Mamet is allowed to spew vicious anti-Christian slurs with nary a complaint from Christians. Mamet has penned a number of screenplays for films that I greatly enjoy. He is a fine writer, and thus knows exactly what he is saying.

In the piece, Mamet attacks European civilization--you know, those dead white Christian guys who accomplished nothing more than oppressing women, ethnic minorities and homosexuals. Mamet writes:

Europe has always been devoted to the destruction of the Jews. At times it is acute; it is always chronic. The Inquisition, the Russian pogroms, the mass murders of Jews by crusaders "going to save Jerusalem," and the Shoah (the Hebrew term for the Holocaust) are only the more notable examples of a civilization happy to designate a different group the helpless-stateless "other," and rape, steal and murder them at will.

Europeans have been happy to rape, steal, and murder. But what is the source of this hatred? You guessed it, Christianity! According to Mamet, it all began with St. John (though he quotes Jesus):

Twelve hundred years of European anti-Semitism, murder, rape and theft, may be laid in large part, at the foot of the Gospel of John. ("He would not go about in the temple, because the Jews sought to kill him," John 7:1 "You are of your father the devil, and your will is to do your father's desires," John 8:44, etc., New Oxford Annotated Bible.)

The gospels did not cause anti-Semitism, but they licensed it, to Christian Europe.

That Mamet can spew this hate-filled diatribe on the pages of the once great America First Chicago Tribune demonstrates for all to see the Christophobic character of modern elite opinion.


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