Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Samuelson on Immigration

Robert Samuelson continues his excellent coverage of the immigration issue. Writing in the Washington Post, Samuelson chides the big media for ignoring the impact of legislation passed in the Senate. "You might think that the first question anyone would ask is how much it would actually increase or decrease legal immigration," writes Samuelson. "But no. After the Senate approved the bill by 62 to 36, you could not find the answer in the news columns of The Post, the New York Times or the Wall Street Journal. Yet the estimates do exist and are fairly startling. By rough projections, the Senate bill would double the legal immigration that would occur during the next two decades from about 20 million (under present law) to about 40 million."

In fact, the bill could more than double the amount of legal immigration. The bill expands many of the categories by which people can get a green card (i.e., stay permanently) and also authorizes 200,000 guest workers annually, plus their spouses and minor children.

In short, unless the House rejects the odious legislation crafted by Teddy Kennedy and a treasonous band of Republicans, the nation will undergo a demographic transformation which will forever change our character as a people.


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