Sunday, May 07, 2006

He's Checkin' In

I don't mean to make light of Patrick Kennedy's problems, but I think Doug Thompson hits the nail on the head when he says that alcoholics are often serial liars, looking to blame their drunkenness on other factors.

Thompson also adds other elements to the story that I haven't seen elsewhere, including that Kennedy was in another car accident three weeks ago but was not compelled to take a sobriety test.

When I heard that this man of privilege was heading to the Betty Ford clinic, all I could think of was "The Simpson's" episode where the family goes to New York and Marge and Lisa catch a show. Here are lyrics to the song "Checkin' In":

[Judge] How do you find the defendant?
[Jury Foreman] He's guilty of mayhem, exposure indecent
[Jurist #1] Freaked out behaviour, both chronic and recent
[Jury] Drinking and driving, narcotics possession
[Jurist #2] And that's just page one of his ten page confession!
[Judge] I should put you away where you can't kill or maim us,
But this is LA and you're rich and famous!
[Young Celebrity] I'm checkin' in!
[Doctors & Patients] He's checkin' in!
[Young Celebrity] I'm checkin' in!
[Doctors & Patients] Checkin', checkin' in!
[Young Celebrity] No more pills or alcohol, no more pot or Demorol,
No more stinking fun at all! I'm checkin' in!
[Doctors & Patients] He's checkin' in! He's checkin' in!
[Doctor] No more looking pale and thin, no more bugs beneath your skin!
[Young Celebrity] Hey, that's just my aspirin!
[Doctors & Patients] Chuck it out!
[Doctors & Patients] You're checkin' in!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Not all white trash lives in trailer parks.


A bit un-Christian, perhaps.

7:29 AM  

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