Thursday, March 16, 2006

Later, Slobo

Raimondo points out that it has been interesting to watch the entire political establishment come together in defense of American military operations in the Balkans. The War Street Journal editorializes, "No one now disputes that stopping Slobodan Milosevic was the right thing to do." Raimondo says that Milosevic may have been a first-class thug, but that doesn't justify our invasion, which turned out to be a dry run for the Iraq war:

Kosovo may have belonged to Serbia for generations, it may have been the historical seat of the national mythos, its churches may have housed the soul of the Serbian people – but none of that mattered to the Americans, not a single bit. Nor does it matter to them that, today, those churches are charred ruins, while Kosovo has fallen into the hands of terrorists and drug lords of the Albanian mafioso, and become an international center of the white slavery circuit and the arms-smuggling trade.

What matters is that the preening moralists of the interventionist "Left" feel good about themselves and can pat themselves on the back for having stopped "genocide." That was the word Rep. Nancy Pelosi used to describe what was going on in Bosnia and Kosovo, as I questioned her support for Clinton's war at a public meeting. Her bugged-out eyes bulged and seemed almost to pop out of their sockets as she exclaimed in horror that of course U.S. military intervention was a moral necessity. Hitler-Nazis-"ethnic cleansing" – all the by-now-familiar buzzwords used by the neocons to justify the invasion and occupation of Iraq were trotted out and tested first by the Nancy Pelosis of this world, as they defended a war against a country that had never attacked us and posed no threat, either to our territory or our legitimate interests...

I hold no brief for Milosevic, as I have made very clear in the past on more than one occasion, but his trial was a legal abomination and a dangerous affront to the concept of national sovereignty. By asserting the alleged "right" of some supranational authority to intervene in the internal affairs of the former Yugoslavia, the UN's International Criminal Tribunal was anticipating the Bush Doctrine, which invokes a similar "right" in the name of spreading "democracy." You'll note that no attempt has been made by the Tribunal to assert its authority over the trial of Saddam Hussein, which is being left strictly to the Americans and their Iraqi henchmen. In Iraq, the "multilateralist" façade of American imperialism has been shed, and it is this brazenness, not the policy of interventionism, that offends the delicate sensibilities of the Democrats in Congress. We have to be "smart" about dominating and colonizing other peoples: that is, in essence, the Democratic critique of George W. Bush's foreign policy of untrammeled aggression.

Steve Sailer says that beating up on Milosevic was more fun than getting to the heart of the real problem in the Balkans--multiculturalism synthesized with democracy:

Folks, democracy is what caused the mess. Multiculturalism works fine ... under a real dictator, like Tito. He had multiethnic Yugoslavia locked down tight, nice and peaceful. But when the inhabitants got more say in their lives, they started killing each other. They wanted democracy. But they knew that to have it, they needed mono-ethnic states.

When the old multiethnic Yugoslavia cracked up, the rest of the world recognized the phony borders that Tito had concocted to minimize the size of the Serbian administrative unit within his empire. This left large numbers of Serbs living outside Serbia, where they were exposed to their historic enemies.

Finally, here is a little piece of heresey from the late, great Jude Wanniski, comparing Slobo and St. Abraham.


Anonymous mskee said...

Several years ago I had the opportunity to visit Serbia with my pastor and we visited a certain pastor there.

He was in Kosovo when the bombing started, having pastored a church there at the time.

To say the least, he was appalled that the US would actually bomb Kosovo. As of now, he strongly believes that God (the real God) will avenge the wrong done.

Albanians guarded his home from other Albanians when they came to burn. "Not this one" they said. "He helped us." Such was his Christian witness amidst the Moslems.

11:07 PM  
Blogger Darrell said...

What went down in the Balkans was tragic. Milosevic was indeed a thug, and deserved to be dealt with by his own people. But our intervention there has done nothing more than create a safe haven for Islam to flower in Europe.

12:08 PM  

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