Thursday, March 30, 2006

CW on Immigration: Part I

The conventional wisdom among editorialists, columnists, and serial immigration enthusiasts is that deportation is an impractical way to deal with the problem of illegal immigration.

In an editorial supporting Arlen Specter's as yet unwritten legislation, the NY Times rhapsodized: "The alternatives to the Specter bill are senseless. The enforcement-only approach — building a 700-mile wall and engaging in a campaign of mass deportation and harassment to rip 12 million people from the national fabric — would be an impossible waste of time and resources. It would destroy families and weaken the economy."

The liberal Center for American Progress published a report calculating that mass deportation would cost $206 billion over five years ($41.2 billion per year).

Commenting from his perch at VDARE, economist Ed Rubenstein writes that while the CAP estimated is "an absurdly large figure...mass deportation would pay for itself in about four years. Plus, of course, we’d get America back."

According to Rubenstein, natives pay $26 billion less in taxes due to displacement by illegal alien workers. Moreover, because of the social costs of importing poverty in the form of low-skilled workers, immigrants cost state, local, and federal governments some $25 billion dollars per annum.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Typical NYT sophistry, but I think the straw man mass deportation is not feasible argument is pretty easily discredited by anyone with even a little common sense, which apparently does not include editorial writers for the NYT. All you have to do is begin enforcing existing immigration law -- what a concept -- in a consistent way: by improving the system that allows employers to verify eligibility for employment, and then coming down HARD on employers who hire illegals; outlawing "sanctuary" policies; forbid consulates from handing out bogus ID cards (like the Mexican matricula), and US authorities for accepting them as valid ID for anything; eliminate in-state tuition for illegals where it exists; etc etc. There is no doubt that by making life here for them a LOT more difficult, many illegals will self deport.

Not exactly rocket science.

12:34 PM  
Blogger Darrell said...

Very well said. Yet apparently, not one United State Senator can figure it out.

9:12 PM  

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