Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Resolutions For the New Year


1) I will read more serious books and fewer stupid weblogs. I suggest you do the same. Shut down Dow Blog and pick up a book. I read a Rushdoony book on a recent drive to Michigan and am currently reading Rush's "The Politics of Guilt and Pity." Speaking of the politics of guilt and pity, I'm also perusing Norman Finkelstein's "The Holocaust Industry." Maybe I should also finally get to those books in the basement that every educated person should have read already.

2) I will study more theology. This is a companion of number 1.

3) I hope to post more consistently--not more, just more consistently. The kids make it difficult to post daily, but 15 to twenty posts a month, or at least every other day, would be sufficient if the posts are of decent quality.

4) I hope to write more about the immigration issue this year. Immigration is an absolutely vital component in the continuing transformation of our nation into a banana republic. Webzines such as VDARE do a fabulous job covering the issue, but I would like to throw my two cents in with greater frequency.

5) I hope to be more optimistic. As a Christian with increasingly postmillenial tendencies, I'm certain how the game ends. I ought to act like it.


Anonymous mskee said...

Speaking as a Christian, I found that once I got a glipmpse of what appears to be the "bigger picture" of current events, there was for me a difficulty in getting too bogged down in "things of this world" and that they began to crowd out the things of God.

I needed a return to my "first love" so to speak.

I am in a much better frame of mind these days, I believe. However, it is still important to observe, speak and act on these things you are writing about, because so many Christians are snookered by our president.

I'm convinced of the amillenial position at this point, although one had to respect Rushdoony, Bansen and North.

Another writer who makes me think is John Corbin. He writes on the relationship between Christians and public policy.

His site:


I don't yet know if I agree with his theology yet. He contradicts men of God who I know to be reliable guides.


3:13 PM  
Blogger Darrell said...

I am actually agnostic on the millenial question, but as I have started to think about Christology, and in particular the eschatological implications of the ascenscion, I've become more optimistic. Of course, I'm still a short-term pessimist :)

I don't know much about Corbin. At the website you mention, you can buy a book by my friend, Eric Schansberg. The title is "Turn Neither to the Left nor to the Right: A Thinking Christian's Guide to Politics and Public Policy." Eric is a libertarian, so I don't swallow all of the Kool-Aid, but his book is thought-provoking and helpful. He intends to do an academic press version of the book as well.

Check out his website for mor info...

12:27 PM  

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