Sunday, January 22, 2006

The GOP and Immigration; Our Largest Export--Democracy; and More

RNC honchos, led by the ever fearless and very manly Ken Mehlman, endorsed a guest-worker plan proffered by the White House as a payoff to corporate interests and multiculturalists of all stripes. Mehlman says that the administration's plan is not tantamount to amnesty. He is, of course, lying. El Presidente Senor Bush himself said in 2004 that his plan would "preserve the citizenship path" for illegal aliens.

Some typically hilarious cultural criticism from Tom Fleming. The whole thing is worth a read, but here is a quick taste. Writing about Richard Pryor and George Carlin, Fleming says:

It’s not the prevalence of scummy language that disturbs me so much as the idolizing of perennial adolescents that is so much a part of our culture. I had a friend in graduate school, now a professor of classics at a state university in the South, and he used to bore me to tears with this theological analysis of Paul McCartney songs. “I’m an atheist,” I told him, “but if I want theology, I can read Augustine—at least his Latin is good.” Then there were the dopers who wanted to “analyze” Bob Dylan’s never-ending flow of clumsy gibberish crammed into the form of greeting-card verses. Dylan’s “poetry” occupies a special niche in the nonsense Hall of Fame, along with Led Zeppelin’s “Stairway to Heaven,” George Will’s rhapsodizings on baseball, and the foreign policy pronouncements of Condoleezza Rice.

Pat Buchanan thinks maybe the Arabs have a point:

After all, before liberating Kuwait, Secretary of State Baker said the coming war was about “o-i-l.” And while we sent half a million troops to rescue that nation of 1.5 million, we sent none to Rwanda, where perhaps that many people were massacred.

If Kuwait did not sit on an underground sea of oil, would we have gone in? Is our military presence in the Mideast unrelated to its control of two-thirds of the world’s oil reserves?

And is Israel not our fair-haired boy? Though Sharon & Co. have stomped on as many UN resolutions as Saddam Hussein ever did, they have pocketed $100 billion in U.S. aid and are now asking for a $2 billion bonus this year, Katrina notwithstanding. Anyone doubt they will get it?

It turns out that women who have abortions may feel guilty about it.

"Exporting" democracy isn't quite as easy it looks. Democracy will in fact, as I never tire of pointing out, spur the rise of political Islam. In fact, Osama bin Laden continues to enjoy widespread popularity in the Islamic world. I'll continue to wait for the Iraqi version of James Madison.

$1-million homes are becoming increasingly easy to find in California. The average home in Los Angeles sells for $495,000. The U.S. federal debt is near $8 trillion, the trade deficit is swollen to record heights, and the money supply is increasing at a 20% clip. In 2005, the median down payment on a new house was only 2% on a $150,000 house. Nearly half of the buyers didn’t put down a penny. Last week the yield curve inverted, meaning lenders got more for short-term loans to the government than for long terms. This is typically a precursor to recession. And finally, the neocons want to invade Iran so that we can pay $100 for a barrel of oil. No need to worry, though, just turn on "American Idol."

The Birmingham Christian Union is told that it must open it's membership to non-Christians and stop using discriminatory titles, i.e., "men and women", that might exclude transsexual and transgendered people. It's a mad, mad, mad, mad world.


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