Monday, November 07, 2005

Stop Sacrificing Your Children

According to the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, parents have no constitutional right to prevent public schools from exposing their children to sexual topics. The ruling stems from a case filed by a group of California parents whose elementary school children were given a questionnaire of, shall we say, dubious content. In their complaint, the parents said they would not have allowed their children to participate in the survey had they known of the sexual nature of some of the questions.

Kids ages 7 through 10 were asked, for example, to rate the following activities according to how often they experienced the thought or emotion:

"Touching my private parts too much."
"Thinking about having sex"
"Thinking about touching other people's private parts."
"Thinking about sex when I don't want to."
"Washing myself because I feel dirty on the inside."
"Not trusting people because they might want sex."
"Getting scared or upset when I think about sex."
"Having sex feelings in my body."
"Can't stop thinking about sex."
"Getting upset when people talk about sex."

The court ruled, "In summary, we hold that there is no free-standing fundamental right of parents 'to control the upbringing of their children by introducing them to matters of and relating to sex in accordance with their personal religious values and beliefs' and that the inserted right is not encompassed by any other fundamental right. In doing so, we do not quarrel with the parents' right to inform and advise their children about the subject of sex as they see fit. We conclude only that the parents are possessed of no constitutional right to prevent the public schools from providing information on that subject to their students in any forum or manner they select. We further hold that a psychological survey is a reasonable state action pursuant to legitimate educational as well as health and welfare interests of the state. Accordingly, the parent-appellants have failed to state a federal claim upon which relief may be granted."

The three-judge panel said, "once parents make the choice as to which school their children will attend, their fundamental right to control the education of their children is, at the least, substantially diminished."

For the sake of intellectual honesty, let me say that I can't for a moment figure out why school-board disputes are litigated in federal court. However, the breath-taking arrogance of Judge Reinhardt's decision is simply stunning. The public schools, Reinhardt says, now have a right to present matters of sexuality to students of any age "in any forum or manner they select." Not only that, but a psychological survey, which includes asking Kinsey-style questions of first-graders, is “a reasonable state action pursuant to legitimate educational as well as health and welfare interests of the state.” And why is it reasonable? Because some educator committed to social upheaval says so.

Parents who have for so long neglected a Biblical understanding of education may yet be wakened from their slumber. What we see hear is the hardening of the heart of Pharaoh, and he is after YOUR children. Will you continue to offer up your babes on altar of Molech, or will you do WHATEVER is necessary to see that your children are brought up in the fear and admonition of the Lord?