Wednesday, November 02, 2005

News Items

Are the hawks on their way out at the Washington Times? Heck, maybe they will actually start publishing Paul Craig Roberts! Nah, probably not.

Hey, it turns out that mother's are good for kids. According to the London Telegraph, "Children raised by their mothers perform better in developmental tests than those looked after in nurseries or by relatives and childminders."

Is Protestantism splitting?

Reason contributing editor Kathy Young has been reading Andrew Sullivan, The Weekly Standard, and The New Republic and come to the conclusion that everything is just swell in Iraq. Evidently, and I had not realized it, the forces of democratism are on the move in Iraq, Lebannon, and Egypt. OK, raise your hand if you think Kathy Young should be taken seriously?

Well, maybe I'm too hard on the crowd at Reason. Here is an essay by Catoites Gene Healy and Justin Logan arguing that "staying the course" is simply not an option. And let's be honest for a moment. Nick Gillespie looks real cool when he sports his Fonzi jacket on TV.

National Security Advisor Stephen Hadley denies being a part of the scheme to foist off forged documents "proving" that Iraq attempted to secure uranium from Niger. Hadley, who has close ties with the neocon set, also recently addressed AIPAC, where he said that an Iraq pullout would be baaaaad for Israel. "Israel - and the friends of Israel - have a big stake in the future direction of the broader Middle East," said Hadley. "For sixty years the United States pursued a policy of stability in that region, often times at the expense of freedom and justice. But pursuit of stability made neither the United States nor Israel safer. True security in the Middle East can only come from the transformation of the region's politics and the emergence of governments that respect basic human rights, do not threaten their neighbors, join in the fight against terror, and pursue the prosperity of their peoples. It is for this reason that Israel and its friends should seek to advance the cause of freedom in Iraq, in the Palestinian territories, and throughout the region." In other words, get ready for more war and a loooonnnnnggg stay in the Middle Eastern sandbox.

In fact, Condi Rice recently testified that it was the Bush administration's intent all along to redesign the Middle East after the September 11 attacks. Wait a minute. I thought it had something to do WMDs. The intrepid William Lind commented on the Rice revelation, which was greeted by a giant yawn in the press:

There we have it. It's now official: Saddam's eternally elusive weapons of mass destruction were just eyewash. The decision to invade Iraq came first, and the various contrived justifications came after. Those Iraqi WMD were as real as Polish attacks on Germany in 1939, and as cynical. The cynicism is, if anything, ever more brazen: Herr Ribbentrop never testified to the Reichstag that "Polish aggression" was just a setup, even if everyone knew.

Does it matter? To the American press and people, apparently not. Miss Rice's official confirmation of everyone's suspicions got virtually no coverage. After all, the NFL season has started.

Krauthammer needs to call his shrink.

Steve Sailer has a funny and interesting blog post on Sheryl Swopes' coming out party. If you don't know, Swopes is the WNBA version of Michael Jordan (or so I am told) and recently announced that she is a lesbian. Yes, I know you are shocked! Meanwhile, over at Fox Sports, this guy is waiting breathlessly for a professional male athlete to spring from the closet. In fact, to precipitate the event, he argues that professional sports leagues must begin "implementing programs designed to broaden their players' minds" so that "teams and leagues can signal to the gay male athlete that there's a comfortable room for him in their locker rooms." Is this reeducation camp as opposed to training camp?

What, you're still not reading The American Conservative? The latest issue includes a thought-provoking essay on Sino-American relations by Jim Pinkerton and Phil Giraldi gives us the skinny on the Niger forgeries. Finally, Leon Hadar makes the point that the Iraq war has been bad for Israel, protestations by neocon warmongers notwithstanding.