Wednesday, November 16, 2005


There really isn't much point in getting news from major American media outlets, other than some occasional reporting here and there. Fred Reed says that there is no good reason to watch CBS or read the NY Times because, well, they lie. "What are the topics of most fascination in the United States? Of most importance? Certainly among them are race, sex in the social sense, crime, and immigration. Now, let’s see whether we can name four subjects about which the media speak with calculated mendacity obvious to everyone one. How about…oh, say…race, sex in the social sense, crime, and immigration?"

I see that Fred is also commenting on Parisian rioting and going after diversity-mongers with a vengeance.

Has no one noticed that diversity doesn’t work? Putting together peoples with little in common begs for trouble, usually with success. It is the chief source of the world’s bloodshed and enmity.

Look around you. Start with Canada, where the Brits and French detest each other. Drop down to the USA, where black, white, and brown wait uneasily for no one is sure what; the lid is held on by Washington, which acts as a sort of federal Tito. There are Hindus and Moslems in India, Tamils and Sinhalese in Sri Lanka, blacks and whites in South Africa, Moslems and Buddhists in Thailand, Turks and Germans in Germany, Vietnamese and Montagnards in Vietnam, Moslems and animists in the Sudan, Jews and Moslems in Israel, Cambodians and Vietnamese in Cambodia, Protestants and Catholics in Ireland, Indians and Mexicans in Chiapas, Basques and Spaniards in Spain, Indians and Fijians in Fiji.

Fred goes on: "Moslems in particular are poison. A failed civilization, Islam sends its unsuccessful, thus double failures, to Europe. They gravitate to slums because they can do nothing else. Cohesive, angry, ineffectual, with no loyalty to their new home, they neither flourish nor assimilate. Resentment grows among them. And so the cities burn."

Speaking of cultural suicide, Utah Senator Robert Bennett introduced a provision, subsequently passed, which allows churches to break the law by harboring illegal aliens who work as "volunteers." Tom Tancredo says that under the statute, "A religious organization could actively conceal a terrorist who is an illegal alien, transporting him across the country and providing him with food and housing, and never break the law."

Are Republicans turning against the President's Iraq policy. With elections less than year away, GOP members will soon be scrambling to separate themselves from the President. And it looks like the British are putting some finishing touches on an exit strategy in Iraq.

Who are you, and what have you done with the Senator? In his new memoir, Jesse Helms endorses mass immigration and spews scads of globaloney, saying that America should "promote the rights of women and children, including women’s suffrage in those countries where women ... do not have the right to vote."

Immigrants accounted for about 1/3 of the growth in adults without medical insurance between 1980-2000. Also, nearly 1/4 of ILLEGAL immigrants participate in Medicaid.

With all this good news, Paul Craig Roberts continues his periodic dissection of the American economy. "In the 21st century," writes Roberts, "the U.S. economy has ceased to generate net new jobs in middle- and upper-middle-class professions. This is a serious economic, social and political problem that receives no attention.

There is a great deal of meltdown inside the U.S. economy. Manufacturing is hollowed out. The decline in manufacturing means a decline in the engineering and other professions that serve it. Knowledge jobs are also being lost to offshore outsourcing and to H-1b, L-1 and other work visas. In October, there were 81,301 corporate layoffs."