Monday, October 24, 2005

On Taking Libertarianism Seriously--Or Not

Once upon a time, before I grew up, I may have actually considered myself something of a libertarian. However, I picked up my anti-statist knee jerks from Rothbard and Mises rather than substandard Randian screeds or silly science fiction.

The utter silliness of libertarianism struck me this weekend when I found myself sitting in a big easy chair at the local megaplex watching a movie called "Serenity."

Kathy and I make it out of the house childless on only rare occasions, and decided that a "movie and dinner" date would fit the bill. After eating sumptuous steaks, but no cake, thank you, we realized that in order to get home at a reasonable time, our movie offerings were a tad limited.

Having quickly scanned "Rotten Tomatoes" earlier in the day, I noted that a movie called "Serenity" had been warmly received by critics.

Well, it turns out that "Serenity" was something of a third-rate sci-fi/western thriller from the joker who brought "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" to the small screen.

I enjoy the occasional western and appreciate the flexibility that sci-fi allows in terms of demonstrating the machinations of the shadowy elites, i.e., "The Man", who rule the masses.

But really, don't the folks at Lew, Reason, The American Spectator, professor Cowen, and a slew of lesser known bloggers have better things to do than expound on "libertarian" themes in low-rent movies?

And shouldn't I find something better to do than complain about it?