Saturday, September 03, 2005

We'll Miss You, Jude

Trolling through my email on Tuesday morning, I was greeted with the sad news that Jude Wanniski died from a sudden heart attack at the much too young age of 69.

Wanniski was an iconoclast and an enigma. Truly, he was unique and indescribable. Best known as the prophet of the supply-side revolution, Wanniski popularized the ideas of Art Laffer and Robert Mundell from his post at the Wall Street Journal.

Later in life, Wanniski became the defender of sundry quixotic and "disreputable" causes. He defended Milosevic and Hussein while mercilessly unmasking the duplicitous machinations of renegade neoncons who have captured the conservative movement, the GOP, and the country. In one of his last memos, Wanniski addressed Bill Kristol. "At some point," Wanniski wrote, "aren't you going to have to look back and say you really goofed, in the myriad articles you wrote…promoting the war in Iraq?"

I will miss the refreshing candor of Wanniski's writings. He defended what remains of conservatism from the onslaught of Trotskyite ideologues engaged in subversion. He will be sorely missed.

Rest in peace, Jude.


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